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Well Known Canadian Musician Vadim Scott Arrested in Battambang

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Canadian arrested for child rape Byline: ផ្កាយព្រឹក Sunday, 5th January, 2014, 2:06 pm Battambang Province The Anti-Human Trafficking and Youth Protection Office of the Battambang Provincial Police arrested a Canadian man on suspicion of having taken a 14 year old…

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A Festive Round Robin from Battambang to Phnom Penh


Greetings from Battambang, Big Sister Yes, it’s been a while since we were last in touch, but seeing as we are both becoming more ‘westernized’, and, as they say it’s ‘the season’, I thought I’d write you a short summary…

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Cambodia’s Lesser Traveled Killing Fields: Wat Somrang Knong

2013-08-16 14.46.33

When was the first time you heard about Cambodia? Are you (very) old and remember the ‘Golden Era’, mature enough to remember the Nixon/Kissinger policy of B-52 diplomacy, when most people were concentrating on TV news showing college drop-outs and…

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By the Rivers of Battambang


OK, it’s the finale of rainy season 2013. It was PchumBenh weekend, so what could go possibly wrong? Last PchumBenh found me in Siem Reap, out in the swamps doing a bit of Buddhism and chowing the family ‘pet’. This…

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Arm Thyself!

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A few things have come to my attention recently. First of all, it has been noted that many readers of these bi-monthly or so ramblings are not altogether familiar with use of the vernacular in the English language, and have…

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My Unusual Relationship with the Cambodian Crocodile Lady

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We’ve all got to take time out once in a while to relax and unwind, right? Stress relief can be multifaceted, taking the form of sports, fine wine, cigars, rub n’ tugs or having needles stuck into the spine by…

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Reach For the Sky: Clubbing in the Cambodian Provinces


By day Cambodia’s second city is bustling. Hardly an urban metropolis, granted, but the main streets throng with students riding piggyback on bicycles, sellers juggling an array of fruit and packs of instant noodles beneath ancient Honda scooters. Military officers…

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Scumbag Scallan Does Scambodia

Mike Scallan

There comes a point in many people’s lives when the urge to escape life becomes overwhelming. Fleeing from bank debts, failed businesses, relationship breakdowns, loan sharks, drug dealers and illegitimate children happens often enough, and is sometimes justified and sometimes…

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The Weekender – Getting to and from the Cambodian Provinces

share taxi cambodia

Ever fancied getting away for the weekend? Maybe you are an erudite city slicker who yearns for a less mean, more green environment? Perhaps you are a bored country bumpkin who hankers for the illicit and anonymous delights and bright…

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Rats the Size of Cats: Vermin in the Cambodian Provinces

pedro rat

‘There`s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do?’ sang the Brummie pseudo-reggae band UB40 back in the 80’s. When I moved into my single-story brick-walled shack (quiet out of town setting- where no-one gets married, dies or…

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