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Another Cambodian Musical Interlude from the Past

This time we”ve chosen the song “Kolap Battambang” aka “Battambang”s Rose” by Sin Sisamout. The video is supremely non smaltchzy and simply gives the viewer ample opportunity of viewing the town of Battambang and the glorious countryside around. Sin Sismout…

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Battambang: The Days After the Vietnamese Left


by Chhay Vet Vietnamese soldiers had been slowly trickling back home for years but it wasn’t until the 9th of September in 1989 that the final three divisions left Battambang. To mark this auspicious occasion a leaving ceremony was performed…

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The Days After the Vietnamese Came


By Chhay Vet January 13th was the day my family was liberated by the Vietnamese but the fighting carried on for many weeks afterwards. Many Khmer Rouge soldiers were desperate and decided to fight on until their deaths. Kropeu means…

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Teaching 6am Classes in the Cambodian Provinces


Inertia sits quite well with me as a few years living in Cambodia has, over time, given me an enormous appetite for doing very little as often as I possibly can. So imagine having to wake up and go to…

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Cambodia Daytrips: The Road from Battambang to Ek Phnom


The northern route out to Ek Phnom will take you along the river road with the normally benign and muddy stream of brown water weaving its way to your left of Battambang old town. This route has recently been sealed…

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The Day the Khmer Rouge Ran Away


By Chhay Vet Even though I was only nine years old, I will never forget the 13th of January 1979 as that was the day I saw the Khmer Rouge run away from the village of K’dau at the base…

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Battambang: The Historical Context


Now Cambodia’s second city, Battambang was for centuries a rather ordinary Asian town which was transformed into a 19th century Thai outpost. At the time of the Thai occupation in 1795, the invaders deported the town’s population to Thailand and…

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Living and Teaching in Small Town Cambodia


City life or provincial life in Cambodia can make for two parallel but very different interpretations of single country. One’s expatriate life can have a sweet childhood in the city when experiences are fresh, shiny and new but can then…

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Travel: Phnom Banan


After scaling the 358 stone steps up the recently renovated stairwell you will have a commanding view for miles around Phnom Banan. Looking down below the steep stairwell and slightly beyond into the rice fields you’ll notice, quite clearly, the…

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A Postcard from Battambang: 3

opp vanaks

Tourist season here is in full swing, a conspicuous manifestation of which is the number of redfaced people charging around town in their holiday socks and sandals talking loudly to one another. They even appear to outnumber the enthusiastic hot…

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