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‘The Definitive Guide to Moving to South East Asia: Cambodia’


The writer Gabi Yetter is a long standing contributor to Cambodia’s best-known and best-read expatriate website (this one) who’s had her finger on the expat pulse here for some years now. As her editor at K440, it’s been a total…

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Anna Spencer Interviews Khmer Writer Hang Borin


Hang Borin is a Khmer writer whom I had the great pleasure of meeting recently. He was born in a refugee camp in Thailand in 1987. His mother had made the perilous journey over the border alone with a young…

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Land of the Lotus Eaters: Norman Bartlett


Norman Bartlett was a widely travelled Australian journalist who came to Bangkok in the early 1950s to serve as Press Attaché at the Australian Embassy. Siam at that time held overwhelming importance as a key centre in a campaign to…

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Facing Death in Cambodia – Peter Maguire


After completing an award-winning dissertation on the Nuremberg trials at Columbia University, Peter Maguire somehow felt hollow and fraudulent. His studies had been of a time long ago, and he understandably felt disconnected from his subject matter. As a product…

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The Road to Angkor: Christopher Pym


This long out-of-print book describes the author’s journey from coastal Vietnam to Angkor in the year 1957. Pym had visited Cambodia a few years before and knew of a twelfth century road that once ran from Angkor all the way…

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Khmer Rouge Division 703


Khmer Rouge Division 703: From Victory to Self Destruction: Vannak Huy This monograph traces the history of an elite division of the Khmer Rouge, from their inception in the battlefields in the early 70s, through their triumphant entry to Phnom…

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Cambodia Book Reviews: A History of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-79) by Khamboly Dy

Khamboly Dy 02

Since Chinese Diplomat Chou Ta-Kuan wrote his account of life at Angkor Wat in the 13th century, Cambodian history has been written by foreigners. In recent years there has been a huge amount of writing on the subject of the…

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Cambodia Book Reviews: The Lost Executioner by Nic Dunlop


Although it doesn’t set out to be one, this book is probably the most thorough biography ever made of a top level Khmer Rouge cadre. Nic Dunlop first visited Cambodia as a student in 1989, a time when visitors per…

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Stilled Lives – Photographs from the Cambodian Genocide


“Now I see the white ants ate it; this must mean it is the end of his story.” In this unforgiving tropical climate, with its pitiless cycles of heat and humidity, it is hard to imagine anything fragile lasting long,…

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Cambodia Book Reviews: The Gate


It was two years ago that I read Francois Bizot’s The Gate for the first time. Lying in bed on the fourth floor of a Khmer hotel, the window open next to me, the sun pounring through threadbare curtains, the…

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