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Chhay Vet: Battambang Rain Gambling


‘An odd and puzzling feature of this town was that many people looked at the sky for long periods of time, pointing at the clouds, and they did this from morning till sunset. We thought they were plane spotting or…

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Matchmaking in Cambodia


By Chhay Vet Typists get paid by the words they type a minute; therefore it’s in their interest to work as quickly as possible. Planning major life events, such as your own marriage, is entirely the opposite and there is…

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Battambang: The Days After the Vietnamese Left


by Chhay Vet Vietnamese soldiers had been slowly trickling back home for years but it wasn’t until the 9th of September in 1989 that the final three divisions left Battambang. To mark this auspicious occasion a leaving ceremony was performed…

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The Days After the Vietnamese Came


By Chhay Vet January 13th was the day my family was liberated by the Vietnamese but the fighting carried on for many weeks afterwards. Many Khmer Rouge soldiers were desperate and decided to fight on until their deaths. Kropeu means…

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The Day the Khmer Rouge Ran Away


By Chhay Vet Even though I was only nine years old, I will never forget the 13th of January 1979 as that was the day I saw the Khmer Rouge run away from the village of K’dau at the base…

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