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Four things you absolutely must do when living in a Cambodian village

group harvesting rice

I felt a little guilty after my last piece. It’s easy to sit back and pick holes in things for cheap laughs and it’s not too difficult, living among the privations of village life, to find foibles left, right and centre. So, to counter that and rebalance my kharmic merit, here are four awesome things about living in a Khmer village that you should definitely try if you get the chance. Continue reading

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Life in Brown Coffee and Bakery


Nathan Thompson examines the customer demographic at Brown Coffee in Phnom Penh. I’m a coffee shop w*nker. I’m that guy sitting at his laptop rolling his eyes as you enter with your girlfriends trailing your excitable sprogs behind you. Even…

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Village Coffee Wars


Fed up with Costa, Brown, Gloria Jean, Spinelli and other soulless, corporate Starbucks wannabees? Nathan Thompson reviews the homely Khmer coffee shops in his village many miles away from the glitz of Phnom Penh’s BKK1. We douse ourselves in coffee….

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Phnom Penh Coffee Wars 2013

coffee bean

‘War’ might not be the right term. More like ‘rock festival’, or ‘termite invasion’, or something that implies hoards descending upon a location. Over the last few months in the capital there’s been a rapid expansion of the existing big…

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Phnom Penh Coffee Smackdown

gloriajeans (1)

Phnom Penh. 6:00am. Sun breaking over the Mekong; ladies in pajamas flapping their arms in synchronized ecstasy to Akon along the river, chickens scratching, café workers stoking their charcoal fires in the cool morning air. Time to slog off to…

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Another Cup of Coffee for the Phnom Penh Road

photo (1)

I rarely get more than five hours sleep in a stretch so I need exactly three large cups of coffee to get me going in the morning. By coffee I mean the black stuff, not a coffee-milk, or a macadamia-carmel…

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