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Comedy Cambodia at Pontoon: March Review


It’s all too easy to blame outside influences when things are not quite going to plan, even though those outside influences may actually be to blame. Sometimes, outside influences can be so glaringly apparent that they can’t be ignored. What…

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My Comedy Cambodia Crash Course


I’m a comedy fan. I am drawn to it. When choosing something to watch or read, I immediately browse through the comedy sections first. What emotion can top happiness, especially when outwardly expressed with laughter? It’s positive; it’s food for…

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Comedy Club Cambodia Tonight at Pontoon!

Comedy Club Poster Sep 25 copy (1)

Comedy Club Cambodia’s latest showcase is happening Tuesday, Sept. 25th at Pontoon. This time around the show features Rishi Bhudrani, a rising star from Singapore, and Ro Campbell, a veteran comic originally from Australia but living in the U.K. for…

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