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Memories from the Cambodian Election Trail

CNRP SR PNH Democracy Square 6Aug2013-1

I returned home to the village pagoda with the taste of afternoon coffee still in my mouth to find Supon waiting for me. He wore a white cap and polo shirt emblazoned with the logo of the Cambodian People’s Party…

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To Build a Road (or: ‘An Irishman Walked into a Bar…’)


A Japanese company comes to Cambodia to build a road. They do a professional job, get it done almost on schedule, pick up most of the tab, employ local workers at decent wages, donate maintenance equipment and send an expert…

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Memoirs of a Grizzled Expat 15: Not a Straightforward Love Story


This is by no means a straightforward love story however; do you still think I’m exaggerating when I perceive her and her family as the very personification of the troubles that beset this tragic nation? Fast forward to the next…

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Land, Cops, the Rich and the Poor


The morning of Chinese New Year Day, on my way to the pharmacy, I happened up a street on which the owner of one of Cambodia’s controversial land development companies lives. The road was lined with cars and motorcycles and…

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Corruption, Landgrabbing and Me


Like so many guys, within a few days of arriving in Phnom Penh for the first time in my life, I met a lovely girl. We had a few polite conversations at arms’ length and within a week she told…

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Synchronized Swindling and the Disappearing Rice


Here’s something to consider. If you had tones and tones of rice to distribute amongst the Khmer needy and poor in the first phase of an astronomical $38 million emergency food aid project, would you sign the lot over to…

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A Night in Casablanca


Time: T-10 Minutes, July 30 The Place: Cambodian Immigration, Phnom Penh Airport An unlikely fog has descended over the Pochentong airfield. JM, Mrs. JM and their little one are just about to depart for Bangkok. Meanwhile, in California, the family…

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Corruption? In Cambodia?


A recent article in the Daily reported a drop in Cambodia’s rating in the Corruption Perceptions Index put out by a group called Transparency International. In fact, it stands at 162 out of 180 countries surveyed. The same issue reported…

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Something Fishy aka Consultants in Cambodia


We hear a lot of stories about corruption in Cambodia, but how about this? One evening recently I found myself trying to calm down an elderly American friend who was distraught at the behaviour of his own embassy staff. He…

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An Insider Writes…..


Tobias Slingshott, woollen headed sycophant to the offspring of Cambodia’s top knobs, writes his second exclusive column for Khmer440. I really enjoy the weekends because that is when I get to go out with my friends. My friends all have…

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