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Hanoi vs Beijing – Where does Cambodia stand?


Tim LaRocco surveys the complicated web of international tensions across South East Asia and wonders if Cambodia’s careful balancing act can be maintained indefinitely. Continue reading

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Press Freedom and State Violence in Cambodia


When it comes to seniority on the Cambodian expat circuit, I consider myself still a rookie, several pegs down the totem pole from some of the grizzled veterans who have made their bones in the Kingdom of Wonder over many…

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Hitching a Lift Through Sunday’s Protest with Sam Rainsy’s Wife


Naomi Collett Ritz hitched a lift through Sundays’s mass CNRP protest with Sam Rainsy’s wife, and managed an exclusive interview in the process. Here’s her report for K440 Beginning Sunday morning tens of thousands of Cambodians descended on Freedom Park…

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‘Wake Up CPP’


Until last month’s national election, the first rule of Cambodian politics was: don’t talk about Cambodian politics. Khmers are tired of fighting; Cambodians spent the last 35 years recovering from the Khmer Rouge regime while Hun Senand the CPP have…

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Memories from the Cambodian Election Trail

CNRP SR PNH Democracy Square 6Aug2013-1

I returned home to the village pagoda with the taste of afternoon coffee still in my mouth to find Supon waiting for me. He wore a white cap and polo shirt emblazoned with the logo of the Cambodian People’s Party…

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The Factory Shooting Farce & Why Cambodia Needs An Aung San Suu Kyi

alex bavet

I read an interesting interview at the weekend with a Khmer academic living in America who warns that Cambodia desperately needs an Aung San Suu Kyi or Nelson Mandela figure to protect the rights of its down-trodden people. The country…

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Corruption, Landgrabbing and Me


Like so many guys, within a few days of arriving in Phnom Penh for the first time in my life, I met a lovely girl. We had a few polite conversations at arms’ length and within a week she told…

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Synchronized Swindling and the Disappearing Rice


Here’s something to consider. If you had tones and tones of rice to distribute amongst the Khmer needy and poor in the first phase of an astronomical $38 million emergency food aid project, would you sign the lot over to…

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A Day Without Texts in Cambodia


I got an extra wee holiday this month, courtesy of the local elections. The university was closed for four days (including the weekend) – presumably to allow staff and students to get to their homelands to vote and return by…

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Deja Vu and All Quiet on the Cambodian South-Eastern Front


The editor of this august E-zine phoned me the other morning from his weekend yurt in Sampov Meas village, Kompong Thom province; even over a Mobitel comms line I could smell the Bacardi Korma he was slurping for breakfast. “Playboy”…

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