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Poll: Should Cambodia Criminalize Adultery?


On Friday, Cambodia’s National Assembly approved a bill which would criminalize adultery. If passed in the Senate and signed by the King, the new law would impose a penalty of up to a year in prison and a fine of…

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Alleged Khmer Politics the Soap Opera: V


Despite allegedly signing on as The Iron Man’s alleged new poodle, the Rain Man wrote an open letter to the Cambodia (rarely) Daily (almost) this week to demand that the Cambodian Government officially invite the FBI to resume its investigation…

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Khmer Politics the Soap Opera IV

Hun Sen srolev 2 (Bloomberg)

An almost quiet week this by recent standards, it started however with one of my favourite stories this week, The Iron Man’s phone call to Prince R, in the depths of the French countryside, to let him know the bitch-slapping…

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Khmer Politics Soap Opera III: FUNCINPEC nibbled to death by ducks


Wow, what a week: hirings, firings, surprise votes a few new names cropping up, old names moving out, and a potential new love interest has moved into the Soap Opera for a possible sex scandal. Still, as Valery so famously…

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Khmer Politics the Soap Opera: Week Two


This week in Khmer Politics the soap opera, we have seen some swift and fancy foot work, a hydra-headed assault and some back-peddling, all happening at a breakneck pace. The field was mudded initially by Prince Ranariddh himself, after first…

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Khmer Politics Soap Opera


Those of us who are keen observers of the great Asian soap-opera that is Khmer politics have had an interesting month or so to say the least. A chain reaction of events, some moving so swiftly and fluidly that it…

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An Insider Writes…..


Tobias Slingshott, woollen headed sycophant to the offspring of Cambodia’s top knobs, writes his second exclusive column for Khmer440. I really enjoy the weekends because that is when I get to go out with my friends. My friends all have…

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