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A Cambodian History Lesson


You may well have noticed, since it’s been widely reported in the global media, that some interesting conclusions have been drawn from research into the downfall of the Cambodian empire centred on Angkor Wat. For those of you who missed…

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Trouble at the Rumour Mill


It’s not that I have a fixation with The Twilight Zone, it’s just that bizarre stories are so common in Cambodia. In this article we expose the vampires of Phnom Penh before revealing the tale of the villagers who consumed…

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Four Cambodian Weddings and My Funeral – part 2


I was up at 4.30 the next morning, three hours after my poor wife. After the Chinese ceremonies, sometime after nine I was able to consume a small bowl of rice porridge. My wife had no time for a mouthful…

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Four Cambodian Weddings and My Funeral – Part 1


My advice to you is this: if you decide to get married in Cambodia, first undertake an intense six-month regime involving military training for stamina, monkhood to learn superhuman patience, and a crammer for fluent Khmer. Even then, make sure…

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Modern Life Is Rubbish


After steeping myself in classical and traditional Cambodian music for the first few months that I was in the country, I’ve then discovered an amazing genre – the Cambodian rock scene of the late 1960s and early 70s. In the…

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Tum Teav: The Classic Cambodian Story


The Documentation Centre of Cambodia has recently made some excellent and recent monographs on the Khmer Rouge period available for free download in *pdf format*. I was looking for two works on the fate of the Cham under the regime…

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Cambodia Book Reviews: The Lost Executioner by Nic Dunlop


Although it doesn’t set out to be one, this book is probably the most thorough biography ever made of a top level Khmer Rouge cadre. Nic Dunlop first visited Cambodia as a student in 1989, a time when visitors per…

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Salaam Aleikum


Recently I instructed my World Religions class to go out and do original research which necessitated interviews with a huge cross-section of people. Amongst the wealth of new information the students garnered, I’ll share one more which is of global…

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The Good, the Bad and the Ghostly in Cambodia


I’ve previously discussed cultural aspects of Cambodia, but my main areas of knowledge and interest are in religious and social issues. The ritual and economic elements are ingeniously brought together in an excellent essay I read in an American student?s…

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Sralang Apsara – Let Me Introduce You

I confess.  After living in the country for almost two years, I really have committed myself to and fallen in love with Cambodia.  But let us stand back and at least partially examine this emotion through the medium of that…

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