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Cambodia Movie Reviews: Holy Lola


A movie set in Cambodia would seem an ideal choice for this week’s review. It would, except for the salient fact that Bertrand Tavernier’s Holy Lola doesn’t contain an awful lot of Cambodia despite being set and filmed here. Neither…

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Special Events Cambodia Style


One of the more fascinating aspects of Khmer culture is the way they celebrate weddings and funerals and other special events. For a small fee they get a permit to take over public space in front of their property; however,…

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Cambodia Daytrips: Wat Ang Sleng, Takeo


By: Mac Hathaway Returning to the town, we went back to the restaurant where we’d gone before and again pestered the proprietors for travel tips. There’d been discussion in our absence, and new ideas had emerged. This time, we were…

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A Month with the Monks


Below are the ramblings of an experience in a Thai monastery. I got nothing of what I expected, and expected nothing of what I got. My time was filled with constant physical pain and suffering, emotional torment, mental anguish, hunger,…

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A Tide in the Affairs of Men?


The fortunes in store for an Adventurer from the western lands in Asia might could read just like a tarot card deck. Perhaps there is a set of fortune ?cards? unique to every place one may go to live, but…

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Selling All Kind of Witches’ Crafts

Kru Khmer 02

Ailments cured, missing persons and lost belongings located, curses placed/removed, no job too small, house visits by appointment only – your trusty Cambodian medicine man does it all. Krumeans teacher, but this is about a disunited band of folk who…

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‘The Little Apsara’


She is a perfect form, a little figure, poised in concentration. Her back is arched slightly, her chin raised, her eyes twinkle. Her hands are tiny and her palms are bent back. She raises her right leg and balances. Then…

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Marrying a Khmer Woman


Lexus or Hovel? It’s important to understand that you are marrying into a family. If they are poor, they will not only smell bad, but bring such matters as ‘buffalo die’ to your attention. Your house will soon fill with…

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