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Street Fighting Techniques in Cambodia

head kick

I have only witnessed a handful of street fighting incidents or violence in my decade here in Cambodia. A couple were simply mentally unstable people going off, like one night near Psah Kandal where a guy was swinging around a…

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Gawping at Death in Cambodia


I saw my first corpse at the age of about five. One of the local teens, who I knew to hang out with, and who I remember sometimes making a bit of a ruckus with his friends at night, was…

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Phnom Penh Pet Peeves


Many people arrive on these shores and feel instantly enamored by the place, and as they settle in are often ‘rosy-eyed’ and forgiving towards any unfamiliar customs or behavior they encounter. It is only far later, when everything becomes commonplace…

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Kien Svay Waterpark


Out to Kien Svay for the first time in quite a while, I kept looking for the giant spires of the unfinished pagoda that had taken ten or more years to construct. I never spotted it, just the usual places…

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