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Al Rockoff, Gerard Depardieu, Monsieur Brick etc


A possibly apocryphal tale making the rounds concerned Al Rockoff and the editors at the Phnom Penh Post. As everyone knows, Al deprecates the way he was portrayed by John Malkovich in The Killing Fields. Not hard to see why—it…

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Cambodia’s Long Journey Towards ‘Relative’ Normality


Modern residency units in Phnom Penh now come in a variety of shapes and sizes and prices, but back in the early 1990s when UNTAC invaded town, it rapidly became apparent that there weren’t many units available that any foreigners…

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‘Going Native’ in Cambodia

pitt krama

After living in Cambodia for a few years, it is considered quite normal for a foreigner to subconsciously take on many of the cultural traits of the indigenous host community in his or her adopted homeland. Indeed, some foreigners ,…

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Time Magazine called Phnom Penh the ‘Casablanca of the Nineties’. Ex Cambodia Daily staffer Kevin Halligan aka Khmerhit looks back and wonders. Living in a college town is fine for a few years—that is, until the day you wake up…

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How to Score Instant Credibility in Cambodia


There’s nothing worse than showing up in a place and being seen as a know-nothing backpacker. Here are seven ways to earn instant credibility when in Cambodia. Say Khmai In English, the word Khmer is pronounced “K’mare”. The best way…

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Death in a Warm Place


I’ve seen a fair few friends and acquaintances drop off this mortal coil over the years, the first ones were all traffic-related incidents, there was at least one murder, and then the usual drug-related stuff kicked in and people I…

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Expat’s fundraising saves Phnom Penh cinema


A Dutch expat’s innovative fundraising techniques have allowed him to buy the only cinema catering for Western expatriates in Phnom Penh. From the UK Daily Telegraph Ramon Stoppelenburg, 34, took over ”The Flicks” cinema in the Cambodian capital on April…

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Dylan in Vietnam – the Concert

If one were looking for symbolism in Dylan’s first concert in Vietnam, one wouldn’t have to look any further than the venue itself. RMIT University, located 20 minutes from downtown Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 7, is a…

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Cambodia Customer Care Disasters

I’ve had these all over the world, where due to some sort of misunderstanding, things don’t work out just as you thought. I was at one of those huge home-care stores back in Europe a few years ago and asked…

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Indecent Proposal


I’d arrived ten minutes late and perspiring – sweat trickling down the sides of my face on a baking hot Saturday morning at one of those chi-chi, overpriced Phnom Penh café/bars that have been appearing over the last few years….

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