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I Wanted to Be Alone: Part 1


The urge for beer became insistent and I left the house with no particular intention other than to get drunk on my own, preferably by taking refuge in a dissolute Phnom Penh hostess bar where I wouldn’t have to be…

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The Lion Roars or Expat Rage Syndrome


They say that rage, like fear, is an emotion best denied public expression. This sage advice, however, hasn’t been taken on board by many Phnom Penh expatriates who stalk the streets with faces the colour of overipe plums ever ready…

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Kampot Chronicles 4 – Building Plans on Hold


Several factors have contributed to my hesitation to begin construction. The first is the uncertainty, however minor, over ownership of the property. Though the odds of anything untoward happening in this regards are very remote – in fact, the person…

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Cambodia Can Seriously Damage Your Health


It’s remarkable how many expat men cross the oceans from lands of sleet, wind and cold drizzle hoping to spend a few years or more in the searing Khmer sunshine – only then to receive a wholly unanticipated appointment with…

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To The Devil A Daughter (part 1)

devilsdaughter (1)

This week I rather unexpectedly became a father. One Saturday I visited a bookshop in Phnom Penh. I didn’t have a clear idea whether or not I wanted to buy a book; I was still working my way through Oliver…

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Putting Down Roots


Married life is proving very interesting. Already, my wife has a job with a new business set up by my Singaporean friends, and we’ve moved into a new apartment. As I’d hoped, but dare not expect, by introducing her to…

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Leaving on a Jet Plane?…


Every six months or so I return to the place I once called home. With heightened airport security around the world, I find myself spending significant amounts of time in long lines with no one to talk to. An interesting…

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The Trouble with Tradition


You know how it is when you’re aware that you really must go on a diet and lay off the chocolates. It can be pretty tough to maintain your resolve when there are twenty boxes of chocs wanting to say…

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Communication Problems in Cambodia


For the most part I am able to communicate quite well with the local Khmer community. I can say “hello,” “thank you” and “one more” in Khmer. As someone who “couldn’t talk with my hands tied,” I often create simple…

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Disorganization Reigns


It’s a testament to human ingenuity and adaptability that anything works in a country where disorganization is the order of the day.The most glaring example is probably the two older markets in the centre of Phnom Penh: Psar Chas and…

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