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Death in a Warm Place


I’ve seen a fair few friends and acquaintances drop off this mortal coil over the years, the first ones were all traffic-related incidents, there was at least one murder, and then the usual drug-related stuff kicked in and people I…

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Expat’s fundraising saves Phnom Penh cinema


A Dutch expat’s innovative fundraising techniques have allowed him to buy the only cinema catering for Western expatriates in Phnom Penh. From the UK Daily Telegraph Ramon Stoppelenburg, 34, took over ”The Flicks” cinema in the Cambodian capital on April…

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Dylan in Vietnam – the Concert

If one were looking for symbolism in Dylan’s first concert in Vietnam, one wouldn’t have to look any further than the venue itself. RMIT University, located 20 minutes from downtown Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 7, is a…

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Cambodia Customer Care Disasters

I’ve had these all over the world, where due to some sort of misunderstanding, things don’t work out just as you thought. I was at one of those huge home-care stores back in Europe a few years ago and asked…

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Indecent Proposal


I’d arrived ten minutes late and perspiring – sweat trickling down the sides of my face on a baking hot Saturday morning at one of those chi-chi, overpriced Phnom Penh café/bars that have been appearing over the last few years….

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I Wanted to Be Alone: Part 2


So there I was; sitting there, savoring the delights of the failing hostess bar – bad hip hop music, warm two dollar beers, and so forth; the only other customers being a pair of aging hopefuls with booze-laden breath, florid…

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I Wanted to Be Alone: Part 1


The urge for beer became insistent and I left the house with no particular intention other than to get drunk on my own, preferably by taking refuge in a dissolute Phnom Penh hostess bar where I wouldn’t have to be…

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The Lion Roars or Expat Rage Syndrome


They say that rage, like fear, is an emotion best denied public expression. This sage advice, however, hasn’t been taken on board by many Phnom Penh expatriates who stalk the streets with faces the colour of overipe plums ever ready…

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Kampot Chronicles 4 – Building Plans on Hold


Several factors have contributed to my hesitation to begin construction. The first is the uncertainty, however minor, over ownership of the property. Though the odds of anything untoward happening in this regards are very remote – in fact, the person…

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Cambodia Can Seriously Damage Your Health


It’s remarkable how many expat men cross the oceans from lands of sleet, wind and cold drizzle hoping to spend a few years or more in the searing Khmer sunshine – only then to receive a wholly unanticipated appointment with…

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