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My Cambodian Traffic Jam Hell

Traffic accidents are the primary cause of accidental deaths in Cambodia and on Saturday morning, August 3rd my friend Jude and I took a passenger van from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh at 7:30 am. A trip in these vans…

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Confessions of a CTN Choreographer

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 25 09.19

I’m still not sure how it happened. I was looking for an apartment, and somehow that led to an e-mail, which led to an inquiry, the sending of a CV, a few missed calls, and then an interview. (By the…

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Devoted Beings


“Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world … I feel like I can’t take it… and my heart is just going to cave in”, said the weed-dealing douchbag in that American Beauty film. But, douchbag or not, he has…

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Reflections of a Returning Expat


There are a number of aspects of life in Phnom Penh that those living here may take for granted, but which are seen through new eyes once you have been away for a long time. Having recently moved back to…

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Reach For the Sky: Clubbing in the Cambodian Provinces


By day Cambodia’s second city is bustling. Hardly an urban metropolis, granted, but the main streets throng with students riding piggyback on bicycles, sellers juggling an array of fruit and packs of instant noodles beneath ancient Honda scooters. Military officers…

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Scumbag Scallan Does Scambodia

Mike Scallan

There comes a point in many people’s lives when the urge to escape life becomes overwhelming. Fleeing from bank debts, failed businesses, relationship breakdowns, loan sharks, drug dealers and illegitimate children happens often enough, and is sometimes justified and sometimes…

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The Santol Fruit: A Philosophical Conundrum


Cambodia has an abundance of strange fruit. Most travelers here have heard of the durian: that’s the one that smells like rotting feet. Yet, there are other less commonly known fruits which are also enjoyed by Khmer. One such fruit…

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Regarding Escalators and Cambodia Expats: A Little Rejoinder for Gavinmac


While in most respects Sovanna shopping mall seems to differ little from City mall or Soriya mall, there is at least one way that it does. Here, what I have in mind are the several occasions in which I encountered…

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The Refugee Is Me

new nathan

It was not White Guilt that led me to live in a Khmer village. It was something worse. A desire to help my fellow man. I wanted to share my privileges……in an exotic country with nice beaches. The fact I…

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My exciting quasi-adventure in Kampot; or, older sister’s huge tracts of land


I am not Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo, over here. I am uninterested in traveling and adventure. In fact, I had spent almost two years in Cambodia, having never once left the confines of PP. Why should I visit tourist…

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