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Phnom Penh Restaurant Reviews: Duck


Just like the etched design on the plate glass windows, this excellent new restaurant has all its ducks in a row. Less than a month after opening its doors in Phnom Penh, Duck is delivering an experience that’s hard to…

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Man Bites Dog – More Tails from the Provinces


Anybody keeping half an eye on European media over the last few months cannot help but notice the uproar over traces of horse DNA found in Findus Crispy Pancakes and LidlXtra Value burgers. The issue, it seems, is not about…

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Khmer 440 Reviews USA Donut

USA donut1

If you’ve ever enjoyed a serving of American Buffalo Wings, I can tell you where the wings sauce base came from – the curiously named USA Donut. For many years this small shop, run by a Khmer-American and now located…

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K440 Reviews ‘Mike’s Burger House’

mikes burger 1

K440 dispatched Jeff Mudrick, creator of Phnom Penh’s best known gourmet burger, to ‘Mike’s’ to review Phnom Penh’s best known generic burger. Dedication The conversation with the editor of this fine journal went something like this: K440: “You know hamburgers….

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From Bagels to Bibimbap – Rattana and Sophea Branch Out In Phnom Penh

vego 001

When Rattana Gordon and Sophea Prim talked about opening a brick and mortar business, their first idea was to open a bagel shop in Phnom Penh. That was in 2009. Four years later, the two enterprising women not only make…

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Le Bistrot: A Rough Diamond Hidden Among Lady Bars


I thought things were going to turn quite ugly for a second, and had visions of my iPhone being thrown on the floor and crushed under a weighty boot. I was sitting at a table at Le Bistrot de Paris,…

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French Dining In Phnom Penh: Chez Gaston


We’d been urged not to review Chez Gaston by one or two regulars who loved the place the way it was, and didn’t want it frequented by trolls. But trolls don’t eat real food, we said. They live under bridges…

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Phnom Penh Restaurant Reviews: La P’tite France

lamb shank

There is a book called The Art Of Simple French Cookery by Alexander Watt, a notorious gourmet who spent much of his life lounging around in Gallic restaurants, which perfectly captures the essence of the Parisian bistro in the 1950s….

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Rude Food In Phnom Penh’s ‘Noodle Alley’

noodle alley (1)

The worst service I ever had was in London’s Chinatown. There was a cloudburst and then heavy rain so I scurried into one of the restaurants. The place was packed, and I was looking round trying to spot a table,…

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In Defence Of Cambodian Cooking (With Apologies To George Orwell)

New marketing campaign for prohok

There has been a lot of talk over the years about the need to attract more foreign visitors to Cambodia. But there is something its people could bring a much-needed change to – and that is cooking. It is often…

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