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Phnom Penh Restaurant Reviews: Lian Rong


There’s not much in the way of frills or décor at Lian Rong, but the florescent lighting and basic outfitting of this unassuming little place on Monivong provide cover for a dining spot where you may find more than you…

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Phnom Penh Restaurant Reviews: Pacharan


The partially renovated colonial French villa which houses Pacharan restaurant maintains the charm of wooden stairways and paneling, well-lit spaces and classic yellow exterior with white trim and checkered flooring. Superimposed over these are modern additions of an island-style bar,…

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Cheap and Cheerful Places to Eat, Cambodia Style


When I first arrived in Phnom Penh, all I wanted from a restaurant was air-conditioning. Nothing appealed to me on the riverfront. I hadn’t yet discovered Brown’s or Vego. And the last place I wanted to be was anywhere near…

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Phnom Penh Restaurant Reviews: Malis


I am greeted at the entrance of Malis restaurant by a life-sized meditating God-King statue whose presence is akin to the Chinese “spirit wall” which stands in front of the doors of buildings functioning to block evil spirits from passing…

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Phnom Penh Restaurant Reviews: The Emperors of China


The best dim sum I ever had was in Hong Kong, where there are endless numbers of Dim Sum houses. The elements of a perfect dim sum experience are these: a vast dining hall; large buzzing crowds waiting or gathered…

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Phnom Penh Restaurant Reviews – Shandong


Since taking over as 440 restaurant reviewer from the gin-sodden Lord Playboy (a man with more fingers in more pies than an octopus on quality-control duty at a pie factory), I make no apologies for rigorously investigating the best options…

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Bambi and Chips in Battambang


You’d hardly notice it, tucked away down a central but quiet and slightly gritty side road near the train station, Jip Sreng was the world’s gloomiest aircraft hanger – a vast bleak ballroom of a place more or less empty…

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Supper and Breakfast in Battambang


We’d planned to take last night’s supper just out of town at ‘the restaurant with three wives,’ Chhay Vet and myself, mainly because I was highly curious to see the owner, a man with not one, not two but three…

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Return to Ko Ko Ro – Phnom Penh


Last night I was completely famished and could not face another bowl of prahok, noodles or soup if my life depended upon it. A colleague in the office who shares a similar penchant for Japanese food had mentioned a great…

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Lord Playboy”s Cambodian Nibbles: The Shop


The Shop 39, Street 240, Phnom Penh 023 986 964 I was having a serious problem the other afternoon, I just had too much goddamn cash in my pockets; every time I pulled out my phone, wads of it would…

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