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Restaurant review – Topaz


It was with slight trepidation that I went to Topaz a couple of weeks ago. On one hand it is consistently mentioned as one of Phnom Penh’s best restaurants; on the other hand a semicolon barely separates that statement from…

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Restaurant review: Armand’s revisited


In a city where food options abound and where restaurants and cafes open and close almost daily, it takes something special to keep doing the same thing year after year and remain successful. Focusing on developing a good formula that people like, and being renowned for consistent quality is a recipe for success. It’s something Phnom Penh institution Armand’s has been doing for years. And long may it continue. Continue reading

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Le Bistrot: A Rough Diamond Hidden Among Lady Bars


I thought things were going to turn quite ugly for a second, and had visions of my iPhone being thrown on the floor and crushed under a weighty boot. I was sitting at a table at Le Bistrot de Paris,…

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The Lord Playboy Fine Dining Register: Restaurant La Tour


Restaurant La Tour French and Asian food 33, Street 108, Phnom Penh Ph: 023 996 409 Ph: 012 559 101 During an average Monday evening’?s drunken mayhem of sweet sherry mixed with babysham slammers the editor of this august E-zine…

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