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7 Reasons Why I Probably Shouldn’t Marry a Cambodian Woman


If you have read my previous article, 7 Reasons Why I Should Probably Marry a Cambodian Woman, you may think that I am well on my way to donning a pair of purple M.C. Hammer pants and walking down the…

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7 Reasons Why I Should Probably Marry a Cambodian Woman


I’ve had a lot on my mind the last few months. What has been troubling me the most is the realization that later this year I’ll be turning 40. This impending entry into middle age naturally makes a man start…

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Should American first time travelers visit Cambodia?


Last month, readers of the Khmer440.com discussion forums had the pleasure of being introduced to an enthusiastic new poster named Zasp. Zasp is a single American male of indeterminate age. He caused a bit of a stir in the forums…

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Why Does My Cambodian Chick Call So Often And At Strange Hours?


After I returned to the U.S. from my last visit to Phnom Penh , I called my new Cambodian quasi-girlfriend for a friendly chat. I mentioned that if she ever wanted to talk to me, she was free to call…

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Does Your Cambodian Girlfriend Dream About Snakes?


I spent a lot of time with a Cambodian woman last week. I came back to the U.S. yesterday, and today she called me to report that last night she had a dream about snakes. She thinks it means that…

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How Do You Know If A Cambodian Woman Really Loves You?


I think I have posted before that I find Cambodian women to be unusually quick on the “I love you” draw. I recall meeting a very sweet, proper bargirl (an oxymoron, so I prefer to refer to her as a…

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Hot Season Is Here


Johnny: “Well, it’s late March now, and it’s getting very hot here in Phnom Penh.” Audience: “HOW HOT IS IT?” Johnny: “It’s so hot that the pedophiles are going out for ice cream by themselves.” “It’s so hot that I…

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On the Dilution of Hostess Bar Talent


Back in the mid 1990’s, major league baseball expanded too quickly from 26 to 30 teams. Each team has about 10 pitchers on the roster. So the effect of the expansion was that there were suddenly forty dudes with jobs…

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Poll: Should Cambodia Criminalize Adultery?


On Friday, Cambodia’s National Assembly approved a bill which would criminalize adultery. If passed in the Senate and signed by the King, the new law would impose a penalty of up to a year in prison and a fine of…

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German Perverts in Phnom Penh, Suicidal Death Leaps and Abraham Lincoln


Cambodian police arrested a German national in Phnom Penh Sunday for allegedly sexually abusing and filming underage girls, local media reported Monday. Karl Heinz Henning, 61, was arrested close to his rented apartment on Street 278 after sustaining injuries from…

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