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Indecent Proposal


I’d arrived ten minutes late and perspiring – sweat trickling down the sides of my face on a baking hot Saturday morning at one of those chi-chi, overpriced Phnom Penh café/bars that have been appearing over the last few years….

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Why Does My Cambodian Chick Call So Often And At Strange Hours?


After I returned to the U.S. from my last visit to Phnom Penh , I called my new Cambodian quasi-girlfriend for a friendly chat. I mentioned that if she ever wanted to talk to me, she was free to call…

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The Trouble with Tradition


You know how it is when you’re aware that you really must go on a diet and lay off the chocolates. It can be pretty tough to maintain your resolve when there are twenty boxes of chocs wanting to say…

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Poll: Should Cambodia Criminalize Adultery?


On Friday, Cambodia’s National Assembly approved a bill which would criminalize adultery. If passed in the Senate and signed by the King, the new law would impose a penalty of up to a year in prison and a fine of…

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The Suitable Candidates


How does one choose one’s good girl? Despite my many recent failures, I keep coming back to this question. Partly, it is prompted by one fetching young peach whom I?ve always hesitated to ask out. There?ve been opportunities – but…

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The Labyrinth of the Girls


After stonewalling the 440 Board of Directors for months, alcoholic, womaniser, and 440 columnist Mac Hathaway has returned to his role as guide to the labyrinthine complexity of hostess bars. This sudden turn of events occurred two weeks ago, when…

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Mr Cupid – ‘Marry a Khmer Factory Girl’


Mr Cupid – who describes himself as an International Matchmaker – promises to hook up lonely men with the Cambodian village girl/ factory girl of their dreams and all “without any fuss or worry on your part.” So, without any…

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Living With Your Khmer Girlfriend


Or, when East meets West in the domicile. So there you are, an ex-pat boy, you have been here a while and you are either; a) not interested in, or, b) bored of, the girl scene here. However, you are…

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Jake’s Grey Girl Story


The first few times that I met Jake, I thought that he had just arrived in Cambodia. He seemed to be constantly surprised and perplexed by everything, he would often ask me the most simple [not to mention odd] of…

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Grey Girls Part 5: Grey and White [and The Family]


For the sake of newer readers, or existing ones with less than perfect memories, let us just quickly recap on the terminology: White: Khmer good girls, virgin girls who will be virgins on their wedding nights Black: Working girls, Sex…

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