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Meet Minea the Masseuse


Naomi Collett Ritz interviews Siem Reap masseuse, Minea, about her time in Thailand as an illegal migrant, being ‘sponsored’ by an Australian sex tourist, and the cheapness of Chinese customers. Minea and I like to watch Californication when she massages…

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Anna Spencer Interviews Khmer Writer Hang Borin


Hang Borin is a Khmer writer whom I had the great pleasure of meeting recently. He was born in a refugee camp in Thailand in 1987. His mother had made the perilous journey over the border alone with a young…

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K440 Expat Interviews: ‘Horace’


After stumbling into Cambodia 15 years ago, long-term expat Horace has made the country his home. Marissa Carruthers talks to him about the highs and the lows and how Cambodia has changed over the years. “I much preferred the Cambodia…

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K440 Meets Long-Time Cambodia Expat and US Army Veteran ‘Felgerkarb’

tank 1989

From being caught in the vicious crossfire that once plagued Phnom Penh’s streets and stepping on a landmine to being the first person to move into historic Hotel Cambodiana, four-decade Cambodia expat Felgerkarb has seen it all since moving to…

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Khmer 440 Meets Santel Phin AKA Khmerbird


In the first of a series of features throwing the spotlight on the cream of Cambodia’s social networkers and bloggers, Marissa Carruthers speaks to the man behind the popular Khmerbird blog, Santel Phin. Time is precious for Khmer blogger Santel…

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