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Pol Pot: He Talks To The Animals


He may not initially spring to mind as your kind-hearted Khmer equivalent of Doctor Dolittle, but Brother Number One is often attributed as playing, however inadvertently, the role of protector of Cambodia’s once-abundant wildlife. Most books with sections describing environmental…

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Selling All Kind of Witches’ Crafts

Kru Khmer 02

Ailments cured, missing persons and lost belongings located, curses placed/removed, no job too small, house visits by appointment only – your trusty Cambodian medicine man does it all. Krumeans teacher, but this is about a disunited band of folk who…

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Surviving, nay, thriving in small town Cambodia


Whilst expats proudly let slip how long they’ve been living in Cambodia, they most likely mean the capital city, and there’s a whole country out there, not just to be explored on away breaks or pointed to on maps and…

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XXL? sure you got them letters right?


XXL -227 Sisowath Quay , Phnomn Penh I went to XXL with a growling stomach, following up on a tip. Any recommendation I always consider carefully, whether for a bar, a beach, a bird and most definitely for an eatery….

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The Black Panther Book of Khmer Records


Not to be outdone by its older, Irish predecessor, the Black Panther brand of Export Quality Extra Stout has teamed up with a local publisher for the first edition of a ‘Book of Khmer Records, Facts & Figures.’ Scholarly research…

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Cambodia: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it…


Bitching about Cambodia, slagging off the natives, complaining about living in Phnom Penh: How often do you hear these topics raised in conversation? Everyone does it surely. Not just the overhearing of course, but really getting stuck in yourself, a…

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Khmer Food Is #1 (part two)


So where is all this good Khmer food hiding? Hint: you won’t find it in any backpacker place or tourist restaurant. Let’s begin the day with breakfast: decent noodle soup can be had for 3000r just a few blocks west…

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Khmer food is #1 (part one)

food list

I don’t mean that Cambodian cooking is like eating the infamously suspect locally produced rubbers, though others may have investigated this further, but then what they were doing with undersized, inferior quality cock sheaths so I close to their taste…

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Doesn’t Living in Cambodia Drive You Mad?


“Everyone who lives in Cambodia ends up going mad; that”s why you have to leave.” I”ve heard this piece of lore a fair few times, and whilst finding it intriguing, I always had some lingering doubts. The first person to…

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