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British man Nick Laycock arrested for rape in Kampot


A young British man has been arrested for allegedly raping a female tourist – also from Britain – at the Arcadia Guesthouse in Kampot on Friday night. Nick Laycock, 25, is from Berkshire in the UK and has been in…

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My exciting quasi-adventure in Kampot; or, older sister’s huge tracts of land


I am not Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo, over here. I am uninterested in traveling and adventure. In fact, I had spent almost two years in Cambodia, having never once left the confines of PP. Why should I visit tourist…

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Road Rage Hun Kicks Coot’s Old Camry


Kampot Province – An elderly Cambodian man driving a Camry Paong គូទប៉ោង (Khmer name, based on design, for older model Camrys circa 1990) has accused a foreign national of riding up to his car on his moto and kicking it…

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The Wind and the Wonderful – Kep and Koh Tunsai


As much as I like adventure and the great unknown, sometimes I quite like going somewhere where I know exactly what I’m going to get. So as yet another May public holiday came along I decided I wanted peace, waves…

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Cambodia – Anything Can Change in a Blink of an Eye


Anything can happen in Cambodia – life is very uncertain and therefore different (and possibly exciting) to what we are used to living in the modern world. This is why for many Cambodia is an attractive location for those wanting…

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Kampot, Cambodia

I. Introduction Kampots not the place to go for exciting nightlife, but what it does offer is a break from it all in a setting of romantic colonial history and intense natural beauty. While most travellers come for the ruined…

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Kampot Deluge

kampot flood

On my previous visit to Kampot it was bone dry, not having rained more than a trace in nearly three weeks. Many of the plants at the land were really hurting, mostly because on the day I left on my…

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Stan Kahn’s New Postcard from Kampot (Kampot = Disco City)


In the time since my last post, not one, but two discos opened in the sleepy town. One closed for a short time but has reopened. Those of you familiar with Kampot know that the streets, with rare exceptions, are…

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A Postcard from Kamchey Dam


Kamchey Dam, being built by a Chinese company upriver from Kampot on the edge of Bokor Park, is proceeding apace along with the destruction of most of the road to Teuk Chou rapids and sizable chunks of National Highway 3….

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Christmas in Kampot


Every time I arrive in Kampot after my week of drinking, debauchery (not really, but you know what I mean) and intensely disliking the noise, traffic and crowded feeling of Phnom Penh, I breathe a tremendous sigh of relief. What…

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