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Postcard from Rainy Kampot


I returned from the states a while back in the thick of rainy season. Whereas in Phnom Penh the rain usually comes, often in great torrents, and moves on not long after, in Kampot, not far from the sea, it…

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Wild Wild Kampot


My rental house in Kampot is on the edge of the city; in the transition zone where lots of development is happening but also where half the land nearby is ponds and wetlands. The city is so small, population about…

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Kampot Update


Kampot, as you may remember, is where I recently purchased a small piece of Cambodia and everything went smoothly at first, but then three different factors have led to me put my house building plans on hold. For one thing,…

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Kampot Chronicles 5 – House Plans


The house I had planned to build was based largely on the configuration of my apartment in Phnom Penh. Those of you who are familiar with architecture here know how top floor apartments generally are smaller than the lower floors,…

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Kampot Chronicles 4 – Building Plans on Hold


Several factors have contributed to my hesitation to begin construction. The first is the uncertainty, however minor, over ownership of the property. Though the odds of anything untoward happening in this regards are very remote – in fact, the person…

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Kampot Chronicles 3: A Potential Glitch


As with so many things in life, stuff happens – untoward stuff that may, or may not, now or in the future, cause grief. In this case displaying quite succinctly the vulnerability of having property you own in someone else’s…

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Kampot Chronicles 2 – Paperwork


I hope none of my friends who’ve paid outrageous sums for property in Kampot and elsewhere in Cambodia took offense at my calling the practice wacky. It isn’t wacky to spend 100 grand on a $50,000 piece if someone else…

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Meet Mr Bubble


In the process of looking to buy land I came across an old wooden house for sale in Kampot. It’s on an average size lot on a non-descript street on the edge of the built-up area of the city. While…

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Big Changes on the Stan Front


After six years in Phnom Penh I’m beginning to feel brow-beaten by the noise, traffic and intensity of the capital. Of course, it’s not just me that has changed. Not only has the urbanized area grown dramatically, there are easily…

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Fun in Kampot and Kep


Lovely as ever, Kampot really is my favourite place in Cambodia. The landscape down there is lush and green and tropical and it is nice to escape the flatlands of Phnom Penh and its surrounds for the more geographically stimulating…

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