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Driving Monks to the Beach

beach monks

I sat down to begin a day of work in the small office of the NGO where I volunteer. It was the day after Khmer New Year, when all through the pagoda, not a creature was stirring – not even…

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The Wind and the Wonderful – Kep and Koh Tunsai


As much as I like adventure and the great unknown, sometimes I quite like going somewhere where I know exactly what I’m going to get. So as yet another May public holiday came along I decided I wanted peace, waves…

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Overnight Harley Ride to Bokor and Kep


(For any Khmer440 members interested in doing this overnight Harley Tour a special rate of $200 per motorcycle will apply until further notice. If interested contact Murray. Phone; 012 948 529. Email; [email protected]) It must be 8 years since I…

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Kep, Cambodia

I. Introduction For many people, Kep is just another daytrip from Kampot, a sister city the haunted Bokor Mountain residences, a sea level equivalent with the same burned out colonial ruins. Many guidebooks even list Kep as a subsection of…

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Kep’s Expat ‘Santa Claus’ Road Rage Psychopath


Worrying news reaches us from the languid, sun-kissed town of Kep, normally known to us for its fine fresh crab dishes enjoyed during laid back hammock-based weekend breaks. ‘I’m not normally a keyboard warrior, but I’m making an exception. I…

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Fun in Kampot and Kep


Lovely as ever, Kampot really is my favourite place in Cambodia. The landscape down there is lush and green and tropical and it is nice to escape the flatlands of Phnom Penh and its surrounds for the more geographically stimulating…

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Khmer New Year for Expats


Khmer New Year is one of those holidays when I prefer staying in town. In contrast to Water Festival which turns Phnom Penh’s everyday chaos into mayhem, at New Year it becomes a ghost town. Phew… what a relief… so…

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That Mythical Small Cambodian Fishing Village


I took the opportunity a week’s holiday threw up to take the missus out of town and head for the coast. I avoided the rather scuzzy beach resort of Sihanoukville (soon to be major international oil terminal – besides, hundreds…

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