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The Days After the Vietnamese Came


By Chhay Vet January 13th was the day my family was liberated by the Vietnamese but the fighting carried on for many weeks afterwards. Many Khmer Rouge soldiers were desperate and decided to fight on until their deaths. Kropeu means…

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The Day the Khmer Rouge Ran Away


By Chhay Vet Even though I was only nine years old, I will never forget the 13th of January 1979 as that was the day I saw the Khmer Rouge run away from the village of K’dau at the base…

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Ta Mok: Khmer Rouge “butcher” dies at 80


From the BBC’s website “Ta Mok, one of the main leaders of Cambodia”s brutal Khmer Rouge regime, has died in the capital Phnom Penh. Nicknamed “The Butcher”, he was the regime”s military commander and linked to many atrocities of the…

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Khmer Rouge Trial Costs: A Perspective


Imagine the year is 2036. George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard, the current leaders of the USA, the UK and Australia are being persecuted by the UN for the War on Terrorism that occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq and…

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How Insensitive Can the Neighbours Get?


Representatives of the Thai feature film ‘Ghost Game’ held a press conference today (Wednesday, April 26th) to apologize for any misunderstanding regarding depiction of the movie’s events at a location said to resemble the Khmer Rouge Toul Sieng prison in…

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Pol Pot: He Talks To The Animals


He may not initially spring to mind as your kind-hearted Khmer equivalent of Doctor Dolittle, but Brother Number One is often attributed as playing, however inadvertently, the role of protector of Cambodia’s once-abundant wildlife. Most books with sections describing environmental…

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