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Shame of Cambodia’s Memorial to Slain War Reporters


Anyone who knows anything about the Cambodian Government will know they never do anything quickly. But it’s appalling how slow they’ve been honouring the more than three dozen journalists who were killed or went missing during the bloodshed and turmoil…

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The Horrors of Bed Bugs and Cheap Hotels

bed bugs

George Orwell said pepper was good at getting rid of bed bugs, pointing out that it was worth putting up with the sneezing just to rid himself of the terrible, itching bites. But it didn’t work for me, despite living…

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End Of The Line For Cambodia’s Quirky Bamboo Train

removing train

I went back to cooking at the restaurant for a few days to help my friend Josh out. He was in a sorry state. He was heading up to a province near Phnom Penh with his Cambodian wife to see…

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