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Taking 12 Steps in Cambodia


Dave H visits an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Phnom Penh and considers the treatment options for both expat and Khmer alcoholics in a drinker’s playground. Continue reading

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Henning Wessel Obituary


The news broke late September that Henning Wessal (aka SunSan on the K440, Lonely Planet Thorn Tree and many other online forums) had passed away in Amsterdam, en route to Germany for medical treatment. The thread in the Khmer440 forums…

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Burger Samdech


The august editor of this e-zine cornered me in a small, local watering hole the other evening, “Playboy” he bellowed from behind the safety of an American lass who was attempting to convince the DJ that Italian Disco was the…

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Hotel Nine/ Nine Lime Cafe


Living in Phnom Penh we never stay in hotels here, although I am often asked by friends, family or other visitors to Cambodia where a good place to stay is. So when Hotel Nine decided to do their Crash Test…

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Freshie Boy Number One


”Damned expensive being a Freshie Boy … the cost of the perm, the shirts with that kind of collar, the girlie skooter … the money has to come from someplace.” Well, Cousin Freshie Boy Number One is off the Lord…

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Look on the Bright Side of Cambodian Life…


After all the negative press Cambodia receives, I decided to make a list of good things about living in Phnom Penh. Feel free to add your own comments. Phnom Penh is a place…… 1)… where you earn a salary of…

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Transport Hunting in Cambodia


Having a small budget for a replacement motorbike, thanks to my wonderful parents, I spend the morning travelling around the Khmer orientated bike shops, figuring that they would have lower prices than the ones that cater to expatriates. This put…

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Everyday Food in Cambodia – The Newbies Guide


I have touched upon a few aspects of food in Cambodia over the last couple of years but I thought it worth making a specific record of the everyday, generic eats and treats to be had here. Breakfast: The Khmers’…

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Quiet Beer in Phnom Penh?

You know the problem. You are enjoying a quiet can of Tiger beer in an almost empty bar when the bloke ten feet further down the bar looks up and says: “I used to be an astronaut, you know.” That…

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Cambodia: Cold Justice


Gazing out at sunrise over the Tonle Sap the other morning, I was revelling in a most unusual sensation in Cambodia, feeling somewhat chilly. I actually forwent my glass of iced coffee in favour of a hot coffee. Of course…

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