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Lord Playboy”s Cambodian Nibbles: The Shop


The Shop 39, Street 240, Phnom Penh 023 986 964 I was having a serious problem the other afternoon, I just had too much goddamn cash in my pockets; every time I pulled out my phone, wads of it would…

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Recipes for Pig Noses – or something or another


AKA I’m Glad I’m in Cambodia and not the Philippines It is early evening in the Playboy Mansion, when there is an unexpected knock on our front door ? very unusual again ? it is my Filipino neighbour, Dr Fil,…

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How Many Cambodians Does It Take to Change an Air Filter ?


Yesterday afternoon the air-con in my office stopped working, or to put it another way, it started screaming screeching banging and generally sounding like it was about to explode. Half an hour after it shuffled off this mortal coil, my…

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The Lord Playboy Fine Dining Register: Restaurant La Tour


Restaurant La Tour French and Asian food 33, Street 108, Phnom Penh Ph: 023 996 409 Ph: 012 559 101 During an average Monday evening’?s drunken mayhem of sweet sherry mixed with babysham slammers the editor of this august E-zine…

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The Lord Playboy Fine Dining Register: Rasmay Sorya Restaurant


Rasmay Sorya Restaurant Khmer food 11, Street 108 – Near Norodom Boulevard Phnom Penh Having not had any rice or noodles for a day or so, Lady Playboy and I decided to go out to a Khmer restaurant for a…

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2006 The Cambodian Year in Quotes – by Contractual Obligation


In no particular order or relevance. Early on New Years Eve morning the editor of this august E-zine phones me in a tizzy, ”Playboy?” he barks in between bites of his breakfast Bloody Mary Bubble Tea, ”Where is this weeks…

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Health Tips for Cambodia


Nota Bene: the follow is included in this section is for information only and is not intended for diagnostic purposes, if you feel unwell you should consult a qualified medical practitioner immediately. *** ** * Acclimatisation Adapting to a much…

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Cambodian Rubbish


Ah, the smells of Asia; fair makes my loins quiver. The other morning I awoke somewhat earlier than usual; a full hour before I normally leave the house I was riding the streets of Phnom Penh trying to find a…

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Colonial Top Ten: The French in Cambodia


He was complaining about the problems of having been colonised by those cheese eating surrender monkeys, the French. With them, it was just a case of banging up a few pretty looking building, making sure that their effluence was piped…

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International NGO’s and the Private Sector in Cambodia

fat cat cigar

They are at it again, this last month I counted 172 NGO job advertisements in the local media and 17 private sector jobs. The problem is not how International NGO’s work; the problem is how to make them stop. Cambodia…

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