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Khmer Driving Skills – or lack thereof?


Who would be the worst driver to encounter on a Cambodian road? A retarded chimpanzee shot full of dope who was eating a banana rather than using the steering wheel, or; your average Khmer driver – specifically owners of 4×4s…

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Dealing with Foreigners in Cambodia


Yes foreigners, they are every-bloody-where here in the sweaty rice bowl that is Cambodia, you can not turn around without banging into some strange alien looking freak. But worry no more; Lord Playboy has compiled a few hints and tips…

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God’s Hitmen in Phnom Penh


Okay I admit it; most of the time I have a lukewarm relationship with God, occasionally turning to disrespectful. For example, I usually work on the Sabbath and last Tuesday I was totally coveting my neighbour’s wife’s ass, but I…

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Cambodian Raindrops Keep Falling on My Broken Head


During the last couple of months we have all had occasion to have to wear a raincoat, I myself seem to have gathered a small collection of them over the last few rainy seasons without even realising it. From my…

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The Lord Playboy Fine Dining Register: La Marmite


The Lord Playboy Fine Dining Register: La Marmite French, with a hint of Italian and Asian. 80, Street 108 (Near Street 51) Phnom Penh. Open 08.00 to 22.00 I know in the past I may have made a few disparaging…

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Deja Vu and All Quiet on the Cambodian South-Eastern Front


The editor of this august E-zine phoned me the other morning from his weekend yurt in Sampov Meas village, Kompong Thom province; even over a Mobitel comms line I could smell the Bacardi Korma he was slurping for breakfast. “Playboy”…

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Heng Poev Skips Cambodia etc: DDSS


DDSS The more things change, the more things stay the same Ah this Heng Poev debacle has been entertaining me all week; he is on the lam, he is not, he is; he is in Singapore, he is not, oh…

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Phnom Penh ‘War Elephants’ and Dodgy Views of Khmer Women


It was a couple of years ago in Phnom Penh when I was going to have lunch with my former boss – the Minister of Fish and his two highly respectable, fragrant and upper middle class teenage daughters (whiter than…

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Sok Sok the Khmer Dog


This is a true story about the recent misadventures of Sok-Sok, a scrawny off license dog, now ‘scrawny off license dog’ is not an officially recognised Crufts breed, but it is one that will be instantly recognisable to anyone in…

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Hobbies of My New Khmer Neighbours


Khmer language Karaoke Strangling chickens Khmer language Karaoke Shouting at their children Khmer language Karaoke Picking up motos, and then dropping them Khmer language Karaoke Spitting from the back of the throat Khmer language Karaoke Holding a different wedding /…

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