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‘Life is cheap’ is not just a cliche from old Westerns


Thursday Leaving home after lunch today to head back to the office, I notice a large crowd of maybe 100 students standing in the middle of the road outside the Khmer school just up from my flat. Weaving my way…

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Longing for home yet?


A fellow English ex-pat, recently arrived here in Phnom Penh, asked me last night what I missed most about living in England. Having given the question about ten seconds thought, I quickly banged out the following list, also including a…

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Cambodian NGO for Tourette’s Syndrome


Physical and mental disabilities are, as I repeatedly reminded by hate mail, not funny subjects. I am sure most sufferers just want to live a normal life and would want to be treated as normal human beings. It is a…

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Curious Traveller Questions


While perusing my usual selection of the odd and bizarre on the Internet, coupled with Emails from friends pointing me to the odd and bizarre, I happened upon a list compiled by the American Travel Industry Association. It is a…

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Freedom of Speech, Pick-axes and Pussycats


Lord Playboy himself, not too mention his various columns, is no stranger to controversy. For whatever reason, much of what has been written by him in the past has driven the local professional guilt-mongers to mouth-frothing, lentil-spitting apoplexy. In the…

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Why read the Khmer440 E-Zine – Why do Columnists write for it?


Money, Sex and a bit of a Laugh There are three things people will almost invariably go out of their way for; money, sex and a bit of a laugh. Here at Khmer440 we have none of the first and,…

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Running Away From Rabid Packs of Dogs (The Khmer way to fitness)


How can you, as a lard-arsed NGO fatty, lose weight fast? Do you have one of those ”can not-tell-if-it is-all those pies-or-down’s-syndrome kind of faces?” Are you the kind of man that is so severely testosterone-impaired that you make Barry…

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NGOs strangling the Private Sector

pencil neck wanker

As I was catching up with a few weeks of backlog of ‘Andrex: The Cambodia Daily’ at the weekend, I came across a correspondence on the letters page that was having a bit of a pop at NGO’s and Aid…

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NGO Girls: The Israeli/ Cambodian Connection


Greetings faithful readers, and welcome to the latest instalment in my sporadic series outlining ‘What happens when good little Jewish girls working for an NGO go bad, monstrously bad.’ It all starts out in an internet chat room; PLAYBOY: Hi!…

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Cash, Cavities and Conundrum Cautionary Tales


A while back, a friend of mine was making a rare visit into Phnom Penh. Normally he is content to be working with the primitive and savage halfway up a Poipet avocado tree. Not getting into the more civilised parts…

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