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Bougainvillier: French and Asian cuisine


Bougainvillier French and Asian cuisine 227G Sisowath Boulevard, Phnom Penh. Tel: 023 220 528 Arriving along the riverfront I was waved into a parking space outside the restaurant by their security guard, walking up to the door it was opened…

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Sihanoukville Whirlwind


Having been out of Phnom Penh for a couple of weeks on a combination business trip with a few holiday days thrown in for good measure, I found myself eating out a lot on, or around, the beach, Snooky, Sihanoukville,…

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Expatriate Classification: Subgroups and Archetypes


So what kind of person do you find living in Phnom Penh, what drives them to Cambodia, what do they do here, why do they stay and most of all, are they up to any good? Extensive research carried out…

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NGO Bedwetting Workshop


Ben Matthews showed up to what he thought was just another NGO workshop last Tuesday, where he would once again share stories and support about his lifelong bedwetting problem and perhaps finally conquer his soggy night demons once and for…

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Cambodia: Child Labour, School Attendance and Homer J Simpson

childlabor06012 (1)

A week or so ago, a fresh faced, cheerful and optimistic young woman was found sitting in my office [no, do not ask me why, I had no idea why] It seems that one of those very well known International…

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The Kiwi Bakery – Phnom Penh


Kiwi Bakery and Restaurant Bread, pastries, breakfast and beverages 199 Sisowath Quay (The Riverside) Recently relocated from Street 63, this cafe opened a month or so ago but has been curiously quiet in advertising or opening promotions of any kind….

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Discrimination in Cambodia?


Only if it is in our favour! As there was no electricity in the office, again, yesterday afternoon, I was sat in the car park (upwind of the rotting dolphin carcase) reading the last couple of issues of the Cambodia…

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Cambodia – Currency Substitution or Dollarisation?


Since my arrival, I have always considered it strange that US Dollars were the de facto currency here in Cambodia. During my years in Central and Eastern Europe I was frequently able to purchase goods and/or services with US Dollars,…

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Study On The Affects Of Alcohol On Women


“Younger women who drink two or three alcoholic beverages a week have a lower risk of developing high blood pressure than women who do not consume alcohol.” — Reuters A study by the anti-ngo Playboy Holdings Inc. finds that women…

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Beer Promotion Saleswomen


Debate is currently raging on the 440 forum over the Bush funded NGO Care International”s self initiated and self proposed “cultural makeover” of Cambodia”s “beer girls.” Here’s a flavour of the debate. Okay, okay. I tried to ignore it. I…

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