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Linguistic Faux Pas in Cambodia


Many moons ago when Lord Playboy was freshly arrived in Cambodia, looking for change, adventure and a cheap, clean, substitute for nuclear fuel, I took an intensive course in learning Khmer Having been a devoted student of the Khmer language,…

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Khmer Police, Traffic Offences, Boxing and Beer

traffic cips

It is a fairly normal Sunday evening at home, normal but for one small, highly unusual, difference. I am roaming the corridors of the flat in a mood that can only be described as ‘seriously and dangerously peevish’ It has…

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For the last time: I Have No Job Vacancies!!!


For some unknown rationale strange things happen here in Cambodia, things that you would not expect to happen ‘back in the West’. But for some reason they happen here; and not just with Khmers or the hired help. Sometimes this…

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The Khmer Armed Forces

cambo army

It is not really as if Cambodia needs much in the way of a standing army/navy/air force. But their have been several different stories and happenings recently that does make me wonder about the state of readiness of the Khmer…

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Swinging the Lead


The editor of this august e-zine telephones me in a state of some excitement from the city centre, where he had been handing out bars of soap to passing backpackers and some of the city?s scruffier motodop?s. . ”Playboy,” he…

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Hips, Thongs, Midriffs and Stomach-ache


What a lovely spot of weather we have been enjoying over the past few weeks. The sun’s been out, the birds have been singing, and it is months and months until the relief and release of the rainy season. Are…

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The Wealth Gap


It is important to remember that this is not a technical economics e-zine. We are not here discussing the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ and ‘ifs’ of Khmer economic development. On those subjects, more powerful, better informed and better fed people than…

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Khmer Vs International Banking: Volunteer Working and Inverse Snobbery


Not wishing too keep too much money in a Cambodian bank, I keep the bulk of my ready cash back in my UK Bank. The small volunteer stipend that I get for working here deals with those small day to…

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Wealth Creation Vs Begging Nation


Okay, for the benefit of readers without an advanced degree in Economics, Business or Common Sense: On one hand we have the Cambodian wealth creators, the mainly private sector workers whose ambition and initiative produces the money and (theoretically) pay…

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Dolphin go boom boom; Irrawaddy


I see that the Strongman went on relevance safari again during an Education address last week. In a manner typical of him he requested, nay demanded, a new policy initiate for Fisheries randomly during this Education address. He called for…

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