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Cambodia Day Trips: Ko Dach

koh dach

Now that we’re in the heart of the hot season, you often long for a weekend at the beach, where the heat doesn’t soak your shirt with sweat and make you sticky and uncomfortable, but where you can bask in…

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Travel: In Search of Lost Roads 4


Part Four: The End of the Road in Kompong Cham After riding through old rubber plantations, hiking up sacred mountains, and wandering around ancient temples, all I could think about was a big, juicy hamburger. We headed to Mekong Crossing,…

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The Sick Peach


A Khmer girl in a tight singlet top stepped through the crowd of taxi girls and put her hand on my arm. Her face was sallow, even in the dim light, and bore a look of age that hinted at…

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Travel: In Search of Lost Roads, Part Three: Ancient Temples, Sacred Hills, and Rubber Plantations


The next morning, when we went down to the restaurant next to the hotel, the Tourism bus had already arrived on its way from Phnom Penh to the Thai border. We ate a late breakfast amongst a gaggle of backpackers…

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Tarts and Time in Phnom Penh


A sex workers’s life is all about wasting time, and she will expect you to help her. You get up in the morning and want to be productive. You need to work to meet her endless demands for money. She…

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Phnom Penh: The Sexual Revolution


Is there a sexual revolution approaching in Phnom Penh? Most people believe that you can never get off with a good girl. Not unless you marry her. Or maybe get engaged to her. Or at the very least stay with…

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When the Peaches Get Creamy


“This is inherantly corrupting. To take someone and, willing victim or not, leave them in a worse position than before you met them is corrupting. And I hope you agree that taking a girls virginity, with no intention of doing…

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Another Peach at the Beach: The Good Girl Quandary


What is really possible with a good girl? In the months after my brief affair with the buxom peach, I often thought of that afternoon when I ravished her creamy young body on the shabby leather couch – and I…

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The Suitable Candidates


How does one choose one’s good girl? Despite my many recent failures, I keep coming back to this question. Partly, it is prompted by one fetching young peach whom I?ve always hesitated to ask out. There?ve been opportunities – but…

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The Hostess Experiment


Mike arrived here a few months ago after a long stint in Thailand. He was tall, heavy-set, and had a tousled shock of brown hair. He was not really a new arrival, having been here a few times before on…

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