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American Head of Christian NGO Arrested for Rape


Ministry of the Interior’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police in collaboration with America’s FBI yesterday arrested Daniel Stephen Johnson, an American citizen. The arrest was made at a house in Sonsom Kosol Village, Beoung Thom Phun Commune, Mean Chey…

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Proselytism in the Provinces


“I love you and Jesus loves you,” said the pimply youth with a clean cut all-American dress sense. OK, organized religion isn’t my thing. It’s done both good and rather a lot of bad from Tierra Del Fuego up to…

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Growing Up as a French Teenager in Phnom Penh


Here is a brief insight on my life and of my few years as a troubled teenager in Cambodia, for whoever might give a damn and be patient enough to read the cluttered product of a foggy mind. Yes, I…

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