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International NGO’s and the Private Sector in Cambodia

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They are at it again, this last month I counted 172 NGO job advertisements in the local media and 17 private sector jobs. The problem is not how International NGO’s work; the problem is how to make them stop. Cambodia…

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God’s Hitmen in Phnom Penh


Okay I admit it; most of the time I have a lukewarm relationship with God, occasionally turning to disrespectful. For example, I usually work on the Sabbath and last Tuesday I was totally coveting my neighbour’s wife’s ass, but I…

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Deja Vu and All Quiet on the Cambodian South-Eastern Front


The editor of this august E-zine phoned me the other morning from his weekend yurt in Sampov Meas village, Kompong Thom province; even over a Mobitel comms line I could smell the Bacardi Korma he was slurping for breakfast. “Playboy”…

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Heng Poev Skips Cambodia etc: DDSS


DDSS The more things change, the more things stay the same Ah this Heng Poev debacle has been entertaining me all week; he is on the lam, he is not, he is; he is in Singapore, he is not, oh…

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Phnom Penh ‘War Elephants’ and Dodgy Views of Khmer Women


It was a couple of years ago in Phnom Penh when I was going to have lunch with my former boss – the Minister of Fish and his two highly respectable, fragrant and upper middle class teenage daughters (whiter than…

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Khmer Rouge Trial Costs: A Perspective


Imagine the year is 2036. George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard, the current leaders of the USA, the UK and Australia are being persecuted by the UN for the War on Terrorism that occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq and…

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Cambodia Barworld Studies: The Life of the Phnom Penh Barboy


Going through some old magazines that were lying around my house last weekend, I came across an edition of the feminist quarterly Leisure Studies (No. 22, July 2003). I used to subscribe. It contained an article by Sheila Jeffries, a…

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NGO Rules: Guilty until proven Innocent


Those tree hugging hippy bastards at NGO Central spotted Lord Playboy last week committing the second most heinous of all crimes in their Playbook of NGO Nanny State Reformation. (Number 1 being fiddling with persons under 18 years of age)…

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Running Away From Rabid Packs of Dogs (The Khmer way to fitness)


How can you, as a lard-arsed NGO fatty, lose weight fast? Do you have one of those ”can not-tell-if-it is-all those pies-or-down’s-syndrome kind of faces?” Are you the kind of man that is so severely testosterone-impaired that you make Barry…

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NGOs strangling the Private Sector

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As I was catching up with a few weeks of backlog of ‘Andrex: The Cambodia Daily’ at the weekend, I came across a correspondence on the letters page that was having a bit of a pop at NGO’s and Aid…

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