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An Insider Writes


Intoducing our new columnist: top ‘foreign expert’ and close chum of Cambodia’s new money elite, Tobias Oliveira Slingshote writes exclusively for Khmer 440. Hello everybody! Before I start I just want all the readers on this board to know that…

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NGO Bedwetting Workshop


Ben Matthews showed up to what he thought was just another NGO workshop last Tuesday, where he would once again share stories and support about his lifelong bedwetting problem and perhaps finally conquer his soggy night demons once and for…

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Cambodia: Child Labour, School Attendance and Homer J Simpson

childlabor06012 (1)

A week or so ago, a fresh faced, cheerful and optimistic young woman was found sitting in my office [no, do not ask me why, I had no idea why] It seems that one of those very well known International…

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Study On The Affects Of Alcohol On Women


“Younger women who drink two or three alcoholic beverages a week have a lower risk of developing high blood pressure than women who do not consume alcohol.” — Reuters A study by the anti-ngo Playboy Holdings Inc. finds that women…

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Beer Promotion Saleswomen


Debate is currently raging on the 440 forum over the Bush funded NGO Care International”s self initiated and self proposed “cultural makeover” of Cambodia”s “beer girls.” Here’s a flavour of the debate. Okay, okay. I tried to ignore it. I…

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Things Can Only Get Wetter


We’ve now reached the dog days of this year’s hot season and the temperature has risen to its yearly zenith. Like a tidal rhythm the heat has roared and surged upwards for one last punishing blast prior to the arrival…

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Swinging the Lead


The editor of this august e-zine telephones me in a state of some excitement from the city centre, where he had been handing out bars of soap to passing backpackers and some of the city?s scruffier motodop?s. . ”Playboy,” he…

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Hips, Thongs, Midriffs and Stomach-ache


What a lovely spot of weather we have been enjoying over the past few weeks. The sun’s been out, the birds have been singing, and it is months and months until the relief and release of the rainy season. Are…

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Khmer Vs International Banking: Volunteer Working and Inverse Snobbery


Not wishing too keep too much money in a Cambodian bank, I keep the bulk of my ready cash back in my UK Bank. The small volunteer stipend that I get for working here deals with those small day to…

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Wealth Creation Vs Begging Nation


Okay, for the benefit of readers without an advanced degree in Economics, Business or Common Sense: On one hand we have the Cambodian wealth creators, the mainly private sector workers whose ambition and initiative produces the money and (theoretically) pay…

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