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1st Annual Charity Motorbike Rally!


This December, we at Ride Expeditions will be running our first annual charity motorbike rally event, riding in aid of M’Lop Tapang. We will spend 6 days riding across Cambodia, starting the adventure in the bustling city of Siem Reap…

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Peppercorns, Paddyfieds and Paeng


Well the rains have well and truly started but that’s no reason to hold back on the biking…. If anything it’s more of a reason to get out there and get dirty. Two weekends ago saw one of our many…

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The Best Happy Hour in Phnom Penh


For months now, grown men have been ineffectively flailing around in search of a good value sundowner. Added to that, I can attest to much aggrieved hooting from expats recently concerning the ever increasing cost of a cold beer in…

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Cambodia Crash Test Dummy


”Well this is classy”, I thought to myself as I lay in a ditch on the side of the road. Once again, I had made my own personal contribution to the country’s road accident toll. As the adrenalin pumped through…

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Cambodia Travel: Kampong Chhnang, The Khmer Rouge Tunnel Prison


On a recent trip to Kampong Chhnang with my friend, Srey Mom, I was very keen on finding a historical site that I”d heard of long before. The area northwest of the city is covered in the traces of the…

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Travel: Around Kampong Chhnang


A few months ago, I made a trip to Kampong Chhnang with my friend, Srey Mom, to check out the old, abandoned Chinese-built airport and some of the surrounding Khmer Rouge era infrastructure. While the massive airport, large enough to…

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Cambodia Daytrips: Prasat Sras Keo, Takeo


Dusting off an old archaeological survey of Takeo I found some time ago, I headed down to the provincial capital recently in search of several obscure pre-Angkorean temples. Even with specific place names, it’s not always easy to find these…

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Cambodia Daytrips: Wat Ang Sleng, Takeo


By: Mac Hathaway Returning to the town, we went back to the restaurant where we’d gone before and again pestered the proprietors for travel tips. There’d been discussion in our absence, and new ideas had emerged. This time, we were…

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Cambodia Daytrips: Wat Puthai, Takeo


By: Mac Hathaway Without a guidebook to point out the way, my plump Khmer ex and I embarked on some genuine countryside exploration last year, pestering shopkeepers, accosting motodops, and sniffing out leads to any out of the way little…

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Samlot: The Historical Context and Comrade Duch


Why go to Samlot? Aid workers, both foreign and Khmer go there as do missionaries, but rarely do tourists or visitors get to this isolated, edge-of-the-world north-western district of Cambodia. Apart from the aid workers and missionaries, Samlot, as a…

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