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Northwest Samlot: Mines, Waterfalls and Angelina Jolie

samlot waterfall 038

Tasanh Market in the clean early December morning light was a disorderly place with hyena like dogs trotting through piles of rubbish and chubby, greasy faced children wrapped up well in colourful nylon jackets. As we picked at bai suh…

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The Road to Samlot: Part 1

mine garden

The rain-damaged and badly potholed road from Battambang to S’dau has received a quick patch up, but for miles out of Battambang the air remained thick with petrol fumes and dust kicked up by dilapidated trucks which were blasting their…

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Travel: In Search of Lost Roads, Part Three: Ancient Temples, Sacred Hills, and Rubber Plantations


The next morning, when we went down to the restaurant next to the hotel, the Tourism bus had already arrived on its way from Phnom Penh to the Thai border. We ate a late breakfast amongst a gaggle of backpackers…

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Travel: In Search of Lost Roads 2


Part Two: A Way through the Floodplains of the Tonle Sap This unlikely path through the floodplains of the Tonle Sap was the main reason we were on the temple loop. But long before we even caught the ferry across…

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Cambodian Travel: In Search of Lost Roads 1


Part One: Temple Hunting in Kompong Chhnang We had stayed in Kompong Chhnang once, for a single night, to break up a hard trip back from Pursat on an old Daelim. That trip had given me the impression that Kompong…

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Travel: Getting Lost to Find Kampot

Rural Cambodian road and rice fields.

We enter the village of Trang Khnat Doung, turn right onto a brown dirt road studded with sharp stones, and drive towards the hills in the distance. The highway behind us is an easy option to Kampot. But we turn…

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Boring, Boring Big Bike Article


Cactus Jack is away so his cousin Buffalo Joe dictated this piece. Down the 3 to Kampot Down the 31 to Touk Meas We were sitting around discussing where to head to on our next trip upcountry. ‘LA’ Dave had…

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Riding the Trails: Tips for off-roaders


If you’re thinking of hiring a dirt bike and heading out into the sticks, here are a few tips for the most serious – and not so serious – off-road adventurers. Before you go If you’re taking your own bike,…

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Eastern Approaches 3: Sen Monorom and the province within


We spent the evening in happy revelry. Nills, Calum and I took on some local youths in a spirited game of association football. We ended up on the wrong end of a 5-4 score line but given that we were…

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