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Gottfrid Svartholm Warg: Cambodia Dead Tree Press Update


Top photo courtesy of Oscar Swartz. Both the Phnom Penh Post and the Cambodia Daily state this morning that the deportation of Gottfrid – co founder of the Pirate Bay – is ”now imminent”. As Khmer440 reported exclusively last Saturday,…

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Trouble at TEDxPP: Ray Leos Responds


Ray Leos, Dean, Faculty of Communications and Media Arts; Professor of Law and Communications at PUC gives his personal response to events at this year’s TEDxPP conference. I would like to thank K440 for giving me the opportunity to clear…

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Al Rockoff, Gerard Depardieu, Monsieur Brick etc


A possibly apocryphal tale making the rounds concerned Al Rockoff and the editors at the Phnom Penh Post. As everyone knows, Al deprecates the way he was portrayed by John Malkovich in The Killing Fields. Not hard to see why—it…

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Synchronized Swindling and the Disappearing Rice


Here’s something to consider. If you had tones and tones of rice to distribute amongst the Khmer needy and poor in the first phase of an astronomical $38 million emergency food aid project, would you sign the lot over to…

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An Open Letter to the Phnom Penh Post About a Lesbian Love Triangle


Dear Phnom Penh Post Let me begin by congratulating you on your recent transition to daily publication. I hope you put nutty old Bernie Krisher out of business in no time. You have always been my favorite English language newspaper…

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The Best Happy Hour in Phnom Penh


For months now, grown men have been ineffectively flailing around in search of a good value sundowner. Added to that, I can attest to much aggrieved hooting from expats recently concerning the ever increasing cost of a cold beer in…

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Orphanage Tourism in Cambodia


The Phnom Penh Post* recently came up with an interesting phrase for a new and growing phenomenon: ‘orphanage tourism’. It’s something I’ve been getting increasingly aware of and irritated with and it was interesting to read about the wider picture….

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More Lessons from the Police Blotter

police blotter new

Why is that, according to the Phnom Penh Post, almost every violent encounter ends with someone being “axed” or “chopped?” If I had never been to Cambodia, I would picture it as a country full of maniacal lumberjacks. Anyway, some…

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