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Another One Bites the Dust


Recently one of the country’s top pop stars and TV presenters was gunned down mid-morning outside her English class (given the ugly anti-Vietnamese xenophobia here, a news headline in English was disgracefully inflammatory in its ambiguity – ‘Cambodian Pop Star…

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Cambodian Traffic Police Flee Mob

Traffic in Phnom Penh 01 (AFP)

Police were forced to flee an angry mob recently after a teenage passenger fell off of a motorbike and sustained minor injuries. According to the mob he was pulled off by the police. The cops, in contrast, say he fell…

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The Cost of Living in Cambodia


Okay, this has been blatantly stolen from a friend of Lord Playboy’s Cambodia Blog, but he says that he does not mind. “Dear All, I have been corresponding by email over the last few months with a young couple in…

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Quiet Beer in Phnom Penh?

You know the problem. You are enjoying a quiet can of Tiger beer in an almost empty bar when the bloke ten feet further down the bar looks up and says: “I used to be an astronaut, you know.” That…

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Cambodia: Cold Justice


Gazing out at sunrise over the Tonle Sap the other morning, I was revelling in a most unusual sensation in Cambodia, feeling somewhat chilly. I actually forwent my glass of iced coffee in favour of a hot coffee. Of course…

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Lee Robinson: 1974-2007


I’ve known a few expats pass away during my time in Cambodia, but the range, volume and sincerity of tributes expressed following the death of my close friend Lee Robinson last week has rarely been matched. I wondered a couple…

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Cambodia at Your Convenience


Having lived in Cambodia for more than 4 years, my reserves of amazement are practically exhausted. I managed, though, to drag a little extra out of the back of the cupboard yesterday morning, as I heard from a neighbour that…

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Cambodia Busophobia


The latest, somewhat convoluted, traffic idea to come from City Hall is the banishment of overland buses from the city center. The city’s leaders seem to have an inordinate dislike of public buses of all types. This is unfortunate since…

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Lord Playboy”s Cambodian Nibbles: The Shop


The Shop 39, Street 240, Phnom Penh 023 986 964 I was having a serious problem the other afternoon, I just had too much goddamn cash in my pockets; every time I pulled out my phone, wads of it would…

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Recipes for Pig Noses – or something or another


AKA I’m Glad I’m in Cambodia and not the Philippines It is early evening in the Playboy Mansion, when there is an unexpected knock on our front door ? very unusual again ? it is my Filipino neighbour, Dr Fil,…

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