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Cambodia Busophobia


The latest, somewhat convoluted, traffic idea to come from City Hall is the banishment of overland buses from the city center. The city’s leaders seem to have an inordinate dislike of public buses of all types. This is unfortunate since…

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Lord Playboy”s Cambodian Nibbles: The Shop


The Shop 39, Street 240, Phnom Penh 023 986 964 I was having a serious problem the other afternoon, I just had too much goddamn cash in my pockets; every time I pulled out my phone, wads of it would…

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Recipes for Pig Noses – or something or another


AKA I’m Glad I’m in Cambodia and not the Philippines It is early evening in the Playboy Mansion, when there is an unexpected knock on our front door ? very unusual again ? it is my Filipino neighbour, Dr Fil,…

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How Many Cambodians Does It Take to Change an Air Filter ?


Yesterday afternoon the air-con in my office stopped working, or to put it another way, it started screaming screeching banging and generally sounding like it was about to explode. Half an hour after it shuffled off this mortal coil, my…

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So You Always Wanted to Own a Bar in Phnom Penh…


There’s nothing to it. For a minimum few thousand bucks you can join the swelling ranks of Phnom Penh bar owners. All you need is customers and you’re set. Some local bars do a great business, so why not yours?…

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Pre Khmer Rouge Phnom Penh on You Tube

For a walk down memory lane, it’s worth checking this evocative portrait of a long gone Phnom Penh circa 1965. Phnom Penh was a truly beautiful city – no laundry hanging from balconies (it was illegal) – no cars parked…

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Cambodian Travel: Kompong Chhnang, Hilltop Temples


The foothills of western Cambodia”s wild Cardamom Mountains stretch all the way to Kampong Chhnang. The provincial landscape is one of rolling green hills, and many of these have become traditional Khmer sites of worship. With the exception of one…

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Cambodian Rubbish


Ah, the smells of Asia; fair makes my loins quiver. The other morning I awoke somewhat earlier than usual; a full hour before I normally leave the house I was riding the streets of Phnom Penh trying to find a…

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Falling off Vespas and other Things I Do


I’ve always taken the view that work (well, enjoyable work such as writing) is the polar opposite of being dead. Sometimes that thought pops up into my mind when anything really gloomy happens such as driving my Vespa into a…

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Wildlife in Phnom Penh


In early 1970, rumors spread around Phnom Penh of a white crocodile that had been sighted in the Tonle Bassac River, instilling fear into the cities inhabitants. White crocodiles are thought of as a bad omen in Khmer mythology, and…

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