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Cambodian Travel: Kompong Chhnang, Hilltop Temples


The foothills of western Cambodia”s wild Cardamom Mountains stretch all the way to Kampong Chhnang. The provincial landscape is one of rolling green hills, and many of these have become traditional Khmer sites of worship. With the exception of one…

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Cambodian Rubbish


Ah, the smells of Asia; fair makes my loins quiver. The other morning I awoke somewhat earlier than usual; a full hour before I normally leave the house I was riding the streets of Phnom Penh trying to find a…

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Falling off Vespas and other Things I Do


I’ve always taken the view that work (well, enjoyable work such as writing) is the polar opposite of being dead. Sometimes that thought pops up into my mind when anything really gloomy happens such as driving my Vespa into a…

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Wildlife in Phnom Penh


In early 1970, rumors spread around Phnom Penh of a white crocodile that had been sighted in the Tonle Bassac River, instilling fear into the cities inhabitants. White crocodiles are thought of as a bad omen in Khmer mythology, and…

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God’s Hitmen in Phnom Penh


Okay I admit it; most of the time I have a lukewarm relationship with God, occasionally turning to disrespectful. For example, I usually work on the Sabbath and last Tuesday I was totally coveting my neighbour’s wife’s ass, but I…

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Cambodian Raindrops Keep Falling on My Broken Head


During the last couple of months we have all had occasion to have to wear a raincoat, I myself seem to have gathered a small collection of them over the last few rainy seasons without even realising it. From my…

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The Lord Playboy Fine Dining Register: La Marmite


The Lord Playboy Fine Dining Register: La Marmite French, with a hint of Italian and Asian. 80, Street 108 (Near Street 51) Phnom Penh. Open 08.00 to 22.00 I know in the past I may have made a few disparaging…

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German Perverts in Phnom Penh, Suicidal Death Leaps and Abraham Lincoln


Cambodian police arrested a German national in Phnom Penh Sunday for allegedly sexually abusing and filming underage girls, local media reported Monday. Karl Heinz Henning, 61, was arrested close to his rented apartment on Street 278 after sustaining injuries from…

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White Women in Phnom Penh

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is greeted by human trafficking victims Van Sina and Somana at the Siem Reap AFESIP rehabilitation and vocational training center

I was sitting outside at a restaurant on Sisowath with a bunch of guys – tending towards the fogey side like myself – when a group of young tourists, male and female, walked by. One of the fellows said something…

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Heng Poev Skips Cambodia etc: DDSS


DDSS The more things change, the more things stay the same Ah this Heng Poev debacle has been entertaining me all week; he is on the lam, he is not, he is; he is in Singapore, he is not, oh…

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