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Cambodia Metamorphosis: Peaceman Becomes Brickman


Let me tell you how I met this guy. It was just last month. I remember the date – April 6th – because it was the same day I got evicted from the guest house where I had spent the…

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Waste Management – Cambodia Style


Having spent fourteen years involved in a community oriented recycling business, which, in fact, depended for it’s survival on a complimentary garbage service, I’m intimately familiar with the whole process. That included several years of tossing garbage cans, stacking bundles…

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The 440 Guide to Buying a Laptop and Getting a Girlfriend in Cambodia


I’ve seen some forum posts from people asking about buying laptops in Cambodia. As this is something I’ve attempted a couple of times, I thought I’d give some advice based on past experience on the subject. This is a long…

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Cambodia Traveller


I was taking to some fellow in a bar in Sihanoukville and when he heard I was a fan of Whiskey he recommended Rory’s in Phnom Penh. He went one better than that and rang up Rory to introduce me….

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Look on the Bright Side of Cambodian Life…


After all the negative press Cambodia receives, I decided to make a list of good things about living in Phnom Penh. Feel free to add your own comments. Phnom Penh is a place…… 1)… where you earn a salary of…

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A Day Without Texts in Cambodia


I got an extra wee holiday this month, courtesy of the local elections. The university was closed for four days (including the weekend) – presumably to allow staff and students to get to their homelands to vote and return by…

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Phnom Penh Teacher’s Diary 3


Day Five: The End of Week One One of the objectives that I set myself for the first week is to learn the names of all my new students. At the moment, I’m not teaching very many classes. I have…

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The 440 Guide to Phnom Penh (Khmer) Nightclubs

I’ve read a few posts on the forum recently from people asking about places to go other than the boring st 51 scene. I thought I’d write about some places I’ve been to, and what they were like. If anyone…

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No Accident in Cambodia


I ended my last report with this aside: “If I were to confuse the news with reality, I’d have to deduce that the UK is just like Cambodia, except that it has terrorism and snow.” Here’s where there is a…

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Noise Anyone?

woman noise

Cambodians love noise, or so it would seem. Or maybe they just don’t notice it. Possibly, if it does bother them, they”re simply too tolerant as a people to make a fuss. Or maybe it’s all of the above. Not…

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