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Communication Problems in Cambodia


For the most part I am able to communicate quite well with the local Khmer community. I can say “hello,” “thank you” and “one more” in Khmer. As someone who “couldn’t talk with my hands tied,” I often create simple…

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Disorganization Reigns


It’s a testament to human ingenuity and adaptability that anything works in a country where disorganization is the order of the day.The most glaring example is probably the two older markets in the centre of Phnom Penh: Psar Chas and…

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Oldies in Cambodia


First off, I’m 45, slim (no beer belly), have most of my hair and believe myself to be reasonably attractive. No, I am not offering myself up for matchmaking or lonely hearts. It is just to let you know that…

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More on Buying a Laptop in Phnom Penh


Some of you may remember a recent post in which I shared my experience of buying a laptop in Phnom Penh. If so, you may also remember my reasoning that if you buy from a reputable shop here, you can…

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Powerless in Phnom Penh

Candle light eating (AFP)

Less than a year ago we were experiencing daily blackouts, sometimes lasting for several hours. Two new privately owned power plants which came on line last summer were supposed to solve the problem; and did, but unfortunately, not for very…

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Ronan Keating in Phnom Penh


I went to the concert to observe how the event management was handled and see for myself who attended. I paid the cheapest admission, which was $15. They had about 3-4 checkpoints where official looking people checked my color-coded plastic…

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Ten Things I’ve Come to Know in Cambodia: #1 – the Barkeep


1) Torrential rain during wet season is your enemy unless, of course, you have a full bar – in which case it’s your new best friend. 2) People like to know what they are getting before they get it, which…

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Cambodia Metamorphosis: Peaceman Becomes Brickman


Let me tell you how I met this guy. It was just last month. I remember the date – April 6th – because it was the same day I got evicted from the guest house where I had spent the…

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Waste Management – Cambodia Style


Having spent fourteen years involved in a community oriented recycling business, which, in fact, depended for it’s survival on a complimentary garbage service, I’m intimately familiar with the whole process. That included several years of tossing garbage cans, stacking bundles…

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The 440 Guide to Buying a Laptop and Getting a Girlfriend in Cambodia


I’ve seen some forum posts from people asking about buying laptops in Cambodia. As this is something I’ve attempted a couple of times, I thought I’d give some advice based on past experience on the subject. This is a long…

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