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Grey Girls: Part 4, the Yuon Connection


Yuon is, of course, a Khmer word for Vietnamese, a mildly offensive slang name – similar to those of us from the UK referring to; the French as Froggies, the Spanish as Spics, the Italians as Wops or the Germans…

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Grey Girls: Part 3: The Tentative Relationship between Grey and Black


Following on with more recent conversations with grey girls, I have come across a slightly intriguing trend. Now, most of the grey girls that I know work in an assortment of bars; in fact, they cover the whole spectrum of…

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‘The Little Apsara’


She is a perfect form, a little figure, poised in concentration. Her back is arched slightly, her chin raised, her eyes twinkle. Her hands are tiny and her palms are bent back. She raises her right leg and balances. Then…

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The Baby

It was about 7.30 pm when we found the baby. She’d been hidden in a recess by the side of the road, wrapped in a krama, and left with a bottle of milk by her side. Jamie had rushed into…

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Tony’s Story

HIV Ribbon

Editors note. This story is entirely true and the events described took place five years ago. Some names have been changed to respect the confidentiality of the individuals concerned. Tony was a tall, angry British guy, tentatively holding Irish citizenship…

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Doesn’t Living in Cambodia Drive You Mad?


“Everyone who lives in Cambodia ends up going mad; that”s why you have to leave.” I”ve heard this piece of lore a fair few times, and whilst finding it intriguing, I always had some lingering doubts. The first person to…

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