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Royal Funeral Procession Route and Times


Phnom Penh City Hall issued a statement on the 17th of January, 2013, regarding the date, time and route of the upcoming trial funeral procession for Norodom Sihanouk. Trial dates: (2 days) the 19th and 26th of January, 2013 Trial…

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January Comedy Club Cambodia Review


Who said comedy was dead? Well, nobody actually. And certainly not the hordes that converged at Comedy Club Cambodia on Wednesday evening, literally queuing up for laughs. The tasty triple line-up of Jonathan Randall, Fakkah Fuzz, and Brendhan Lovegrove enticed…

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Comedy Club Cambodia @ Pontoon 8.30pm Wednesday 16th

Poster design Jan 16 2013

The Comedy Club Cambodia storms back to Pontoon Club on Wednesday January 16 to get the New Year off to a side-splitting start. Brought to you once again by Propaganda Events and Monument Hotel, this month’s show features an outstanding…

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Le Bistrot: A Rough Diamond Hidden Among Lady Bars


I thought things were going to turn quite ugly for a second, and had visions of my iPhone being thrown on the floor and crushed under a weighty boot. I was sitting at a table at Le Bistrot de Paris,…

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Phnom Penh: It’s All About The River


Phnom Penh is no gigantic metropolis, no sprawling mega-city, no endless urban expanse. Yet still it manages to be an incomprehensible orderly riot of humanity: ugly surprises, elegant demises, fitting fates for all sizes. No easy answers, no succinct demography,…

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Khmer 440 Meets Santel Phin AKA Khmerbird


In the first of a series of features throwing the spotlight on the cream of Cambodia’s social networkers and bloggers, Marissa Carruthers speaks to the man behind the popular Khmerbird blog, Santel Phin. Time is precious for Khmer blogger Santel…

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Things To Do In Phnom Penh With Your Mum

anna pp

My mum’s tight grip on the pole of the tuk-tuk from the Pochentong airport was to be expected. I have seen it before with many a visitor and I remember my own first journey: sniffing the whiff of heat and…

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Boeung Keng Kong 1 Crime Wave Continues Unabated

BKK1 robbery

Phnom Penh – A man was seriously wounded when armed robbers fired 5 shots at him before making off with his 2013 125cc (Dream) moto. The shooting occurred in front of the Anh Chay Ly Spa* on Street 310, in…

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French Dining In Phnom Penh: Chez Gaston


We’d been urged not to review Chez Gaston by one or two regulars who loved the place the way it was, and didn’t want it frequented by trolls. But trolls don’t eat real food, we said. They live under bridges…

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My Dance with Death – Notes from a Dengue Virgin


After five years here I had escaped it long enough – it was time for a dance with dengue. It started on a random Tuesday evening. My last class is at 6:30PM – no one’s idea of late – but…

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