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A Brief Guide to Moving into your Khmer Girlfriend’s Condo

move house

So, your girlfriend has been living with you for the past 6 months, ever since you seriously injured your knee in an unexpected and traumatic sleep walking accident. Aren’t they always unexpected and traumatic? Well, her condo is finally ready…

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Am I Wrong to Secretly Wish For A Chair Fight?


I teach two grades – grade six and kindergarten one. Whilst the kindergarten class keep me on my toes with their brilliantly un-developed sense of acceptable behaviour, my sixth grade class sometimes leaves me feeling a little flat. It is…

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Sequins, Spangles and Sweaters: The Return of Glamazon


Sequins, spangles and sweaters: The Return of Glamazon (or, Not Your Usual Thursday Night Out in Phnom Penh) It was a night of stilettos, glitter and feathers. There were men who looked like girls and girls who looked like men….

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All Out of (Cooking) Gas

cooking gas

While popping a batch of popcorn for a lunchtime snack and with a dinner party at our home only hours away, I make the startling discovery that we were really, really low on propane. As in,almost completely out of gas….

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3 Reasons to Quit Cambodia with Zero Notice via Dumping a Beer on Your Bosses’ Head

Easy come? Easy go? Keep a bag packed. You never know. Should you stay? Should you go? Prayers go unanswered by old St. Joe. First, let me preface my ridiculous rhyming by saying that things in life are never so…

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Growing Up as a French Teenager in Phnom Penh


Here is a brief insight on my life and of my few years as a troubled teenager in Cambodia, for whoever might give a damn and be patient enough to read the cluttered product of a foggy mind. Yes, I…

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So You Wanna Buy a Budget Car in Phnom Penh?

angkor car

Phnom Penh is one of the most twisted car markets in the world. At first glance it is expensive (for what you get), unreliable, decentralized and full of vehicles that have no means of being properly serviced. The good news…

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Comedy Cambodia at Pontoon: March Review


It’s all too easy to blame outside influences when things are not quite going to plan, even though those outside influences may actually be to blame. Sometimes, outside influences can be so glaringly apparent that they can’t be ignored. What…

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Wedding Preparations, Visa Applications and these Giant Walls of Human Creations


Right now, my email inbox is a cheery and eclectic mix of correspondence with Gay, the vicar of the tiny round church which will be our UK wedding venue, Michelle from rentapartytent.co.uk, Stu from the farm-shop who will be doing…

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March Comedy Club Cambodia at Pontoon

The Comedy Club Cambodia is back doing what it does best, inducing a lethal amount of laughter to the Phnom Penh community with its international stand up show at Pontoon Club on Wednesday March 20. Two top professional comics will…

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