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Press Freedom and State Violence in Cambodia


When it comes to seniority on the Cambodian expat circuit, I consider myself still a rookie, several pegs down the totem pole from some of the grizzled veterans who have made their bones in the Kingdom of Wonder over many…

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7 Things You Should Know About Cambodia’s Politics

CNRP Beauty Power-1

Tim LaRocco has put together a primer for those seeking a basic need-to-know understanding of the political situation in Cambodia I recently asked my college students in the Introduction to Political Science course I teach to play word association with…

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Cambodia: The Chomsky Problem


Here in Cambodia, Noam Chomsky is without a doubt the guy everybody loves to hate. In expat circles, most have never read either his books, articles or reviews, but they certainly know of him as an apologist for the Khmer…

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Time for a Bit of Khmer Politics


Nutty politics time – another month, another party. The latest one is not headed by a prince for a change. Being entitled ‘The Khmer Republican Party’, you’d think it sounded innocuous enough – if you had no idea of Cambodian…

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