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Khmer Man Dies Trying to Conquer Mount Everest


Phnom Penh – The first attempt ever by a Cambodian to plant the Cambodian flag on the summit of 8,848 meter high Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world, located on the border between China and Nepal, has…

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Two Tonne Stockpile of Fake Drugs Seized in Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh – A guesthouse stockpiled with counterfeit medications imported from Vietnam was raided by police from the Anti-Economic Crimes Police Department of the Ministry of Interior, officials from the Ministry of Health, local authorities, and the Deputy Prosecutor of…

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Police Crackdown Continues: Jailbait Mamasan Nailed

porky mamasan

Phnom Penh – Police from Phnom Penh’s Anti-human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department, led by Deputy Prosecutor Hao SayNa, arrested a mamasan and her male help for prostitution in connection with some Vietnamese girls (mostly underage, one still a virgin)…

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‘City Cat': Sugar Shack for Sugar Daddies Raided


Phnom Penh – The female proprietor of a beauty salon located in the area of The Old Market, Daun Penh District was detained by Military Police at about 5 pm of the 19th of September, 2012, while ដឹកញីទៅស៊ីឈ្មោល (with latitude…

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Bajaj Tuk Tuks: Cambodia’s Latest Dose of Indianisation


Phnom Penh – In Cambodia two types of three wheeled motos ម៉ូតូកង់បី currently ply their trade: there is the Thai style three wheeled moto, known as the “tuk tuk” (unibody), and there is the Khmer style three wheeled moto, known…

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Ta Mok’s Takeo House to Become a University

ta mok

Takeo Province: As student numbers increase from year to year, Build Bright University Takeo Branch has expanded its facilities to meet the influx of students for the approaching school year (2012-2013). Renovations of the old Ta Mok house in Takeo…

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