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Mini-Marts I Know and Love – Camko City


Cambodia is changing. On the way out are the wretched, the desperate, the runaways, alkies and deathpats. They don’t suit the new ‘developed’ status that the country now is hell-bent on portraying, albeit fairly unsuccessfully. Out with the beer guts…

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The hidden gems of Toul Sleng


Between the main expat hubs of BKK1 and Russian Market there is the Toul Sleng area – a neighbourhood with a diverse mix of Khmer, Vietnamese and barang inhabitants. There, you’ll find a handful of underrated and unknown restaurants and cafes. Mostly, they are family-run establishments serving homemade fare to ardent regulars. Continue reading

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‘The Definitive Guide to Moving to South East Asia: Cambodia’


The writer Gabi Yetter is a long standing contributor to Cambodia’s best-known and best-read expatriate website (this one) who’s had her finger on the expat pulse here for some years now. As her editor at K440, it’s been a total…

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Counterpunch: A Journalistic Horror Show?


Counterpunch, the left web journal founded by the late Alexander Cockburn and edited now by Jeffrey St. Clair, is on a roll when it comes to coverage of Cambodia. Following the positively ludicrous article written by Israel Shamir some months…

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