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The Fairytale Complex: 419s in Cambodia


As the western target market has become more aware, with only the really, really stupid and old folk with Alzheimer’s responding to African princes, new markets and opportunities are emerging where uneducated folk are given access to the internet without a crash course on who roams cyberspace looking to make a fraudulent buck or three. Word is slowly getting out, thanks to community phone in programmes on ABC Radio, but when I get asked whether a 6 headed naga caught in Kampong Cham going viral on Facebook is real, or if the Zika virus had been really been sprayed over Phnom Penh by Vietnamese agents, then it’s pretty safe to bet that safe internet safety steps are still in their infancy in Cambodia. Continue reading

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Whitebait, Guinness and Rollmops – Khmer Culinary Faves from the UK


‘I miss the rollmops, delicious, just like prahok…. but I don’t really like Cornish pasties,’ my husband informs our friends back here in Phnom Penh upon our return from our two-month trip back to my homeland. Being in the UK…

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On the Proper Etiquette when Seeing an Ex-Bargirl with Her New Husband


It’s a low-key Thursday night in Phnom Penh. The early evening rains have subsided, and you are meeting a friend for dinner at a respectable Western restaurant. As you walk in to the restaurant, you see a couple quietly eating…

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A Brief Guide to Moving into your Khmer Girlfriend’s Condo

move house

So, your girlfriend has been living with you for the past 6 months, ever since you seriously injured your knee in an unexpected and traumatic sleep walking accident. Aren’t they always unexpected and traumatic? Well, her condo is finally ready…

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Wedding Preparations, Visa Applications and these Giant Walls of Human Creations


Right now, my email inbox is a cheery and eclectic mix of correspondence with Gay, the vicar of the tiny round church which will be our UK wedding venue, Michelle from rentapartytent.co.uk, Stu from the farm-shop who will be doing…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Never “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook


It’s been five months since I wrote “7 Reasons Why You Should Friend Cambodian Women on Facebook.” During that time, I followed my own advice and became Facebook friends with a bunch of Cambodian women. This has been an absolute…

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7 Reasons Why You Should “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook


So you’ve met a nice Cambodian chick. Maybe you met her at a pagoda. Maybe you met her in the toilet at Martini’s. I don’t judge. You’ve spent a bit of time with her, you like her, and now you…

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Memoirs of a Grizzled Expat 14: The Cambodia ‘Casanova’

green girl

So what was I doing over Christmas? I spurned all the invites to parties as I hadn’t heard from my poor phoneless waif and I was so worried about her; I suspected – rightly – that she was too weak…

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Memoirs of a Grizzled Expat 13: A Wave of the Magic Wand


A phrase I hear so often in Cambodia which drives me mad is, “Don’t think too much!” In hindsight, after reading over my memoirs, I guess I was somewhat guilty of over-thinking things at the expense of seeing the obvious….

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Memoirs of a Grizzled Expat (4)


photo courtesy of Stickman Bangkok Some weeks the ‘plot’ will move on; other weeks it will go deeper. This week’s article reproduces further notes I took during my first week in Phnom Penh. It is my reflections on some of…

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