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Synchronized Swindling and the Disappearing Rice


Here’s something to consider. If you had tones and tones of rice to distribute amongst the Khmer needy and poor in the first phase of an astronomical $38 million emergency food aid project, would you sign the lot over to…

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The Best Barbers in Phnom Penh


Getting a haircut in Cambodia can be a massively unpleasant experience as, to be quite candid, the average barbers shop in Phnom Penh is unbearably hot and humid flyblown backstreet sweat box where 3,000 riel will get you a trim…

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Nine Phnom Penh Bars You Can No Longer Drink In


If beer came naturally from wells in Kampot or Kratie or Kandal Province , Dick Chaney would have been sufficiently entranced to move to Phnom Penh long ago. In fact, he wouldn’t have even needed to export the stuff to…

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Rampant Phnom Penh Food Inflation


I went for my weekly supermarket sweep today and while standing in line behind four very fat and ugly American missionaries I imagined that I’d somehow blundered into a queue for the auditions of the Phnom Penh stage version of…

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