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Another Peach at the Beach: The Good Girl Quandary


What is really possible with a good girl? In the months after my brief affair with the buxom peach, I often thought of that afternoon when I ravished her creamy young body on the shabby leather couch – and I…

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Sihanoukville Whirlwind


Having been out of Phnom Penh for a couple of weeks on a combination business trip with a few holiday days thrown in for good measure, I found myself eating out a lot on, or around, the beach, Snooky, Sihanoukville,…

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A Warning to Flame Jugglers 4: Musings Mid-Struggle


The man continued to hum. I couldn’t recognize the melody, bar the fact that it was odious. This man plainly did not study the strains of Sisamout or Sothea. Lessons needed to be taught. I realised, somewhat resignedly, that I…

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A Warning to Flame Jugglers: The Second Round


I knew that the early rounds would be crucial. In those lusty periods we would work each other out. Like little old ladies at the market, we would discover each other’s weaknesses. We would prod and probe; these would not…

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