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To The Devil A Daughter (part 1)

devilsdaughter (1)

This week I rather unexpectedly became a father. One Saturday I visited a bookshop in Phnom Penh. I didn’t have a clear idea whether or not I wanted to buy a book; I was still working my way through Oliver…

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Putting Down Roots


Married life is proving very interesting. Already, my wife has a job with a new business set up by my Singaporean friends, and we’ve moved into a new apartment. As I’d hoped, but dare not expect, by introducing her to…

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Public Transport in Cambodia


Making regular weekend trips out into the sticks, it occurs to me that some readers might appreciate some insight into transportation options in Cambodia. Actually, many foreigners living in Cambodia swanning around in their SUVs (or more likely motorbikes) are…

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Cambodian Gold-diggers – the sequel


I recently wrote about Cambodian gold-diggers who dug up a Khmer Rouge period mass grave to pillage gold jewellery from the corpses. This article is about the other meaning of gold-digger. Recently my fiancée witnessed a particularly unpleasant if all-too-common…

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Cambodian Gold Diggers

ghost of tuol sleng

English resident Canadian-born author Geoff Ryman is in the running to win the prestigious Hugo award for best science fiction/fantasy story of 2007 for his superb short-story, ‘Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter’. It is truly wonderful – an entertaining tale of…

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Cambodian Grandparents


Sunday was ‘meet the grandparents’ day. There can’t be very many Cambodians who have made it into their mid-80s, and here were two, with one tooth between them, constantly poking each other and winding each other up. One is always…

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Marriage and the Conservative Girl in Cambodia


It’s not uncommon for expatriates to consider marrying a Cambodian woman. Many such girls worked in bars; whilst there are sometimes complicated issues surrounding such relationships, they tend to be freer of taboos and traditional cultural norms (thus more like…

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No Accident in Cambodia


I ended my last report with this aside: “If I were to confuse the news with reality, I’d have to deduce that the UK is just like Cambodia, except that it has terrorism and snow.” Here’s where there is a…

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Another One Bites the Dust


Recently one of the country’s top pop stars and TV presenters was gunned down mid-morning outside her English class (given the ugly anti-Vietnamese xenophobia here, a news headline in English was disgracefully inflammatory in its ambiguity – ‘Cambodian Pop Star…

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Thirty Years of Pain


“The more you know, the less you understand; the more you understand, the less you know.” I put that in quotation marks, but has anybody ever actually said it? They should have. The thought occurred to me as I read…

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