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Memoirs of a Grizzled Expat (2)


My immediate concern on arriving in Phnom Penh was to find accommodation. I’d already identified a guesthouse in Lonely Planet and booked a room. The original site is now a series of comfortable apartments popular with expats including prominent members…

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Random Thoughts on Staying Safe in Phnom Penh


A few weeks ago and for the first time in my nine-year expat stint here, I was very nearly robbed. Of course the comedic aspect of all this only becomes clear after the event when at the time it was…

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Safety Tips for Cambodian Travel


Like any other city, Phnom Penh has its fair share of undesirables. Hoods, vagabonds, ne’er-do- wells, street punks and other anti social elements can be found here just the same as any other place. Visitors rarely encounter serious problems, but…

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Health Tips for Cambodia


Nota Bene: the follow is included in this section is for information only and is not intended for diagnostic purposes, if you feel unwell you should consult a qualified medical practitioner immediately. *** ** * Acclimatisation Adapting to a much…

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Security Concerns in Phnom Penh


Although Phnom Penh is generally a safe place, there have recently been a number of assaults and robberies on foreigners which have generally happened late at night. One of our readers has supplied some valuable security advice. If you believe…

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Staying Safe in Cambodia: Advice from the Expats


To the profound sadness of many expatriates such a rare incident took place last week when a much liked foreign resident was murdered in his own apartment during what seems to be a botched robbery. Following this tragedy, expatriate residents…

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Cambodia Tourist Red Tape and FAQs


Updated July 2011 For those who have never been to Cambodia and who are considering travelling here, Khmer 440 has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers dealing with visas, immigration, customs, money, health and crime. Visas when…

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